Two New Phrases for Your Use and Enjoyment

Posted on Jan 27, 2009

Phrase the first:
Do not deny it — you have had it happen to you. You are speaking quite eloquently when, suddenly, the word you want is no longer available. Your brain searches, but it cannot be found. It isn’t a tough word. In fact, you are quite sure it is an obvious word. But you can’t find it.
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The Best Book You've (Probably) Never Read and I Haven't Finished (Yet) - A Book Review

Posted on Jan 13, 2009

I purchased Maslow on Management a number of years ago. In fact, so long ago I don’t remember when I bought it. And I began reading it right away. And I’m still reading it. And I’m not done yet. Through a strange set of circumstances, I have been reading this book a few pages at a time, a few times a year. And I have, quite by accident, not only found a fascinating book on management, but the perfect way to read it.

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Did You Say What I Thought I Heard?

Posted on Jan 5, 2009

First, a happy new year to all.

But now to the important stuff. We are all challenged with meetings — too many, too long, too…well, you can fill in your own word here. However, I’ve found a way to get some real value out of all these meetings. I pay attention.
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