A Question for Our Audience

Posted on Mar 6, 2011

A little while ago someone posted a comment on my first “How to Handle a Routine Audit Stop” post. However, the comment really had nothing to do with that particular piece. Rather, it was someone asking about how to handle a certain situation. Following is most of the comment. (Obviously, you can look up the original yourself if you are so inclined.)

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A Team of Adventurers Hits the Audit Improvement Road

Posted on Mar 4, 2011

A hearty band of travelers, brought together by the vagaries of fortune and misfortune, find themselves on a journey upon which the fate of the world/universe/future hinges. They come from different walks of life, have different personalities, have different strengths and weaknesses. In spite of those differences, in fact, because of those differences, they triumph over the odds and succeed in achieving the impossible.

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How to Handle Routine Audit Stops (Part II)

Posted on Mar 1, 2011

In today’s installment, we continue quoting from the new “How to Handle Routine Audit Stops”, a handy brochure intended to provide you everything you need to know about surviving the routine audit stop

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