A Quick Note About Casual Stupidity


Internal auditors, when we are not careful, can come off a bit high-handed. That is, as we review and analyze and provide feedback on the operations of others, we can sometimes (not all times) sanctimoniously pass judgment on their actions.
Now, I hasten to add that this is not an affliction we exhibit with great regularity. (Yes, I know exceptions – but they are, indeed, exceptions.) But I venture to say that each of us, at one time or another, has fallen into the trap.
That is why it is good and humbling for us to recognize when we are on the other side of that story – to recognize when we casually step across the line without recognizing the transgression.
Case in point...
Last Wednesday I posted an image I had cobbled together. With no real thought about my actions, I blithely included the IIA logo.
For those unaware of the fact, the logo is a trademarked image – an image I had effectively stolen.
Don't worry, the IIA police did not come pounding down my door with battering rams and injunctions. No, realization dawned when someone asked permission to use the poster.
There followed the slap of hand against forehead and the quite articulate "D'oh!"
Go back and look at the post, and you will see a new image at the top – one that is not a trademark infringement.
And from this there is a message: No matter how much we talk about the "right things to do", we are not immune to casual stupidity.

Posted on Oct 25, 2013 by Mike Jacka

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  1. Hi, I totally agree with Mike. Even with the best intentions and knowledge, we can make mistakes - or be stupid. I also agree that the best thing is to recognize it, accept and most of the people are generous enough to consider, us Auditors, as fellow humans :).

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