A Quick Note about One Last Thought about Resolutions

No one really has time on a Friday. We are all striving for one thing – get through the day and get to the weekend. Accordingly, whenever I actually post on a Friday, I'll make it a quick hit – 200 words or less.

Amazing how things fall together.   Here is one last piece of input regarding resolutions for the coming year – a video by zefrank. No, the video isn't a resolution, but it has some of the same feel that I was going for on Monday.
Watch the video, and see if you don't feel the same way.
And then, go check out zefrank's web page or follow him on Twitter or just pay attention to the strange things he's doing. In fact, here's another resolution. Resolve that, in every way possible, you will try your best to think sideways.
Checking out zefrank is a good way to get some practice at it.

Posted on Jan 10, 2013 by Mike Jacka

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