Did You Say What I Thought I Heard ... Again?

Back in January I listed some of the quotes collected from meetings over the years. Well, it’s been a busy 2009. So, for your enjoyment, a list of real quotes — I didn’t make these up — overheard in meetings so far this year: 

“Keep your eyes and ears on everything.”
“I’ve withheld my end of the bargain.” (Perhaps, more true than the speaker knew.)
“The pendulum swings one way and gets you in the behind on the other.”
“We will suboptimally evolve.” (Seems to fly in the face of Darwinism.)
“I don’t think there’s a problem from a discussional standpoint.”
“Off my head I don’t know.” (Rather French Revolutionesque of the speaker.)
“Paint with a little bit of picture skepticism.”
“There was a glutton at the end of the process.” (I believe that was supposed to be “glut.”)
“I can’t afford a less footprint.”
“We need to put some arm around it.”
“More than all of that decrease.”
“We’ve got a lot in our mouth right now.”

And the most incomprehensible statement from the last 11 months: “You don’t want to be stuck without your hands.”

So, what have you heard lately?

Posted on Nov 18, 2009 by Mike Jacka

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