Dispatches from the Boston Front No. 5 - Impatience is a Virtue

Monday’s first general session was Neil Jacobsohn speaking on “Naked Leadership”. The session focused on the degree of change that is occurring because of the impact technology has on communication. That impact is leading to greater and greater transparency – hence the title "Naked Leadership".

I wish I had taken better notes. In spite of slides being available later, there were many great concepts and challenges to the profession. The one I did write down – “Impatience is a Virtue”. The world is moving fast, and impatience is necessary to keep from sitting and watching that world pass us by.
But there was, again, so much more in the presentation. There were big concepts that speak to the ways we need to change. There were insights that can help drive change in the way we do things right now.   But there were additional thoughts and concepts with which I could not quite agree.
I bring this all up for two reasons. First: If you get the chance to hear Neil’s presentation, do so. Second: Even if challenging thoughts are wrong, we need to be challenged by them.
Do I buy into everything that was said? No.
Do I buy into the belief we need to seriously consider everything that was said? That one is a resounding “Yes.”

Posted on Jul 10, 2012 by Mike Jacka

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