If An Auditor Tweets On Twitter And There Are No Followers, Were Any Words Really Typed?

If social networks are a peek into something new (see my previous post), then the only way I know to figure it out is to go ahead and play along. Toward that end, I need your help. I’ve set up a Twitter account that you can follow here. (Don’t ask about that name — it’s a long story.) I’m in Los Angeles this week, starting with work, then going to Disney’s D23 convention (a fan thing). For this week, I’ll use Twitter to try and tie together the different pieces — work, business, auditing, Disney (It’s a Small Audit after all). We’ll see how that works. 

However, what I’d like is your ideas. What should an audit Twitter be about? What are the insights? What are the questions? What is this all about? Give me your thoughts and follow the bouncing tweets.

Posted on Sep 8, 2009 by Mike Jacka

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  1. Mike,

    I tweet under twitter.com/normanmarks and welcome followers.

    What I talk about are news and other relevant information relating to GRC and especially internal audit. I monitor a number of other experts (e.g., on data privacy, reputation management, etc.) and re-tweet anything of value to practitioners. I also add my own updates as regulations are updated, interesting studies come out, etc.

    I can see internal audit practitioners following experts in specific fields. For example, there are experts I follow that cover EH&S topics that might be interesting to auditors at chemical or oil and gas companies.

    But I am not sure what the typical practitioner might want to tweet about - other than put questions out there for others to answer.


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