Too Busy Talking to Hear

No one really has time on a Friday. We are all striving for one thing – get through the day and get to the weekend. Accordingly, whenever I actually post on a Friday, I’ll make it a quick hit – 200 words or less

I keep hearing about auditors who want to improve the relationship with their customers (auditees/clients/whatever). And then I watch them blithely move forward without any reference/communication/contact with those customers.
When was the last time you actually talked to the auditees and asked them what they wanted in a report? When was the last time you talked to senior executives to find out what they need to know? When was the last time you asked the audit committee what they want to hear about in their meetings?
We beat the drum of value add and customer satisfaction.
And the beating of that drum seems to drown out the customer’s voice.
Quit talking about customer satisfaction, and find out what will satisfy them.


Posted on Nov 16, 2012 by Mike Jacka

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