A Quick Note About Planning a Presentation


Just below this paragraph is a picture of a wall in the room where I work. Covering that wall is a close to unintelligible conglomeration of pieces of printed paper, hand-written blurbs, sticky notes, and various scribbles all aligned in the fashion of a storyboard.
Don't know what storyboarding is? Look it up for the details. But suffice to say that it all started when Walt Disney needed a way to visually picture the script for his cartoons and it is now used in everything from movies to process mapping to project management to planning presentations.
After hearing the approach could be used for presentations, after doing numerous presentations the old-fashioned way (write the outline and then start throwing slides together), and after seeing examples of the use of storyboards as Austin Kleon talked about his new book Show Your Work, I decided it was time.
That collection of scribbles, notes, and indecipherables is my next presentation.
I cannot begin to tell you how well it has worked out. I can see the flow, I can see the main topics, I can see the bumps, and I can see the smooth spots.
Here is my call to you - try it, use it, embrace it. Whatever your next presentation – findings, kick-off meeting, board presentation, career day at the local kindergarten – experiment with putting your thoughts out on the wall. I think you will be amazed. (And now for something completely different – maybe you should storyboard your next report before even putting fingers to keyboard.  Just a thought.)
And that Austin Kleon guy? Go explore some of the stuff he's doing at either of these two sites. He had me with his book Steal Like an Artist. But he has some great approaches to creativity that even an internal audit might be able to use.


Posted on Mar 7, 2014 by Mike Jacka

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