Another Audit Urban Legend

Posted on Jun 24, 2009

First, thank you to Allen Engel for sharing his own audit urban legend. If you missed it, you can find it as a comment on the first urban legend posting.

This next one I heard is from a guy who worked at an emergency room in Las Vegas.

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Just an Idle Question

Posted on Jun 15, 2009

So, how many of you auditors started off as hall monitors in high school?

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Movies, Facts, and Auditing - Act III

Posted on Jun 4, 2009

For those of you who missed Acts I and II, we are making the case that the public’s acceptance of the media as the purveyor of truth is leading us to the precipice of disaster. And, as proof, we are exploring an article that appeared in USA Today about a simple (but not cheap) little sequel to the movie “Night at the Museum”. And now – Act III.

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Movies, Facts, and Auditing - Act II (or, Letting the Director Speak for Himself)

Posted on Jun 2, 2009

Previous matters:  We introduced a successful little movie (and its sequel) called “Night at the Museum” and all agreed it was not meant to be Macbeth but a slight trifle to be enjoyed on its own merits; we brought up a related article and indicated it might speak to the undermining of our intelligence; we then sidetracked to a quiet discussion of quotes from the actors and what this said about the previously mentioned problem.

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Movies, Facts, Auditing, and the End of Intelligence as We Know It

Posted on Jun 1, 2009

My apologies, but this is going to turn into a long-winded rant - so long I’m splitting it into three installments. But there are two pieces of good news. First, this means there will be new content on this blog over the next week. Second, the entire thing is already written, so there really will be a conclusion. Overture, curtain lights, this is it…
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