A Tribute to Willy Wonka

Posted on Mar 25, 2010

A song to be sung to auditees

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Ideas Worth Spreading

Posted on Mar 15, 2010

I would like to bring to your attention a rather strange Web site. It is not only strange, but it is strange that I would be asking internal auditors to go there. However, if I have imparted only one thing in the last year of composing these blog entries, I hope that it is my belief that creativity and change are the only things that will lead to the continued success of internal auditing.

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Makes Sense to Me (Coda)

Posted on Mar 7, 2010

What follows is an example of how mental tunnels can lead to poor conclusions. The fact that they are the conclusions we desire does not change the horror of their acceptance. (And, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with internal auditing. So sue me.) 

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Makes Sense to Me (The End)

Posted on Mar 1, 2010

The most important answer first. I promised bonus points to anyone who could tell us the author of the song “My Whole World Lies Waiting Behind Door Number 3”. If you answered Jimmy Buffet, then you are partially correct (and a complete Parrot Head). The complete answer is that the co-writer was Steve Goodman (no relation to John).

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