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A little while ago someone posted a comment on my first “How to Handle a Routine Audit Stop” post. However, the comment really had nothing to do with that particular piece. Rather, it was someone asking about how to handle a certain situation. Following is most of the comment. (Obviously, you can look up the original yourself if you are so inclined.)

Hi Mike,
I have been reading your blog and find it very interesting. I have a problem on which I am seeking some senior level advice.
Here is the problem:
X group of problem employees use a blogger A to stalk Y. Blogger A has been given a story that some organization wishes to do it, and senior managers have approved it. Now blogger A does not have any reason to doubt the statement since the blogger is interacting with some senior people.
However, the blogger is being misused unknown to him/her. The X group of employees are problem employees and they have ganged up against Y. They are using the company resources, and are lying to the CXOs about what they are doing. They basically are misleading the person whose name is being used and the blogger. They are also threatening Y to disclose confidential details of fraud investigations since they will be able to blackmail the CXOs
My advice to the blogger would be to contact the real seniors and find out the true story before committing something unethical and unlawful. Particularly because a very senior CXO’s name is being misused.
According to you what should the involved people do?
This gets a little confusing, but it sounds like blogger A is being misled by group X to the detriment of individual Y, with some other issues involved.
I’ve got my own ideas (which I will post later this week or early next week.)  But I would be very interested in your ideas out there. What are your thoughts? What should the individuals involved do?

Posted on Mar 6, 2011 by Mike Jacka

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  1. You've GOT to be kidding! If blogger A is an employee blogging about company business, accurate or not, blogger A's employment should be immediately terminated. No "advise" to A necessary. A's followers should be disciplined or terminated. Of course if any of the "senior people" that A is interacting with are too senior the auditor's career is in jeopardy too. Said auditor should be prepared for the worst.

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