A Quick Note about Boxing Up to Leave


No one really has time on a Friday. We are all striving for one thing – get through the day and get to the weekend. Accordingly, whenever I actually post on a Friday, I'll make it a quick hit – 200 words or less
We've seen it in countless movies. Some poor schmo gets fired and, in the next scene, he is walking out of the office carrying one single box containing his personal effects.
Never would have worked for me. Below, is a picture of my office as I box up 30 years of personal effects in preparation for my retirement. (More on that next week.)
What does your office/cubicle/desk look like? Does it reflect you, the company, the cubicloids around you, all of the above, none of the above? Is it at least a place you want to spend 8 hours of every weekday of your life?
Or are you working in the kind of place that withers flowers, yellows pictures, and crushes souls; the kind that makes you want to (as Warren Zevon put it) "Smash my head against the wall because I'd rather feel bad than not feel anything at all"?
We don't all need to depart with 13 boxes; most of you won't want to. But everyone needs to make their workplace their workplace. Most of our lives are spent there. It has to be a life worth living.  

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 by Mike Jacka

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