Another Auditing Urban Legend

I heard this one during an IIA meeting. I don’t remember the guy’s name, but I’m sure it’s true. An auditor was sitting at home when he got a call from his boss. The boss told him that the deadline for his audit had been moved up and they needed a rough draft of the report by tomorrow morning. The auditor agreed to complete it and hung up the phone. Rather than jump straight into the project, he decided to mellow out with a beer. The can was only half empty when the phone rang again. It was his manager. “Why haven’t you started on the report?” “I have,” he answered and hung up the phone. The auditor looked around nervously and opened his computer to start working. But the muse just wasn’t with him, so after checking to make sure the doors were locked, he began working on a D&D dungeon. When the phone rang again, it was the manager. “Why haven’t you started that report?” “I have!” the auditor screamed and slammed down the phone. Now he was getting really scared and contacted the police, who said they would check it out. In no time at all, the phone rang once more. The auditor picked it up and it was the police dispatcher. “Get out now!” the dispatcher exclaimed. “We’ve traced the call and you never really left the office.”

Posted on Apr 1, 2009 by Mike Jacka

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  1. One wonders about the mind of MJ, even on the 1st.

  1. What MJ fails to mention is that he was the one who called the dispatcher.  The "I don't remember the guys name" comment was just a ruse to cover the fact that he has beer in his office (and a coffee bong too!)

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