Audit Tongue Twisters

For your consideration, a set of tongue twisters for the audit-minded. (With no guarantee that they will make sense.)

Any odd auditor ought to audit dotted otters, but ought an auditor’s daughter audit dotted otters got her by her father auditor?
She says she sees C-Suite spreadsheets.
How much control can controllers control if controllers control canned controls?
This risk list sifts lesser risks, thus this thistle risk lists sixth.
Reported rapport portends potent torpor.
If one auditor audits another auditor, does the auditor who audits the auditor audit the auditor the way the auditor he is auditing audits, or does he audit the auditor the way the auditor who audits auditors audits?
Fred found fraud findings from four or five flawed functions.
Pat’s proposed purpose posed problems, primarily providing popular people’s opinions purposeless prominence.
And, if we define a tongue twister as any word or phrase that is difficult to say numerous times in a row, the most difficult tongue twister for any auditor would be:
No findings
Got any of your own?

Posted on Jun 14, 2011 by Mike Jacka

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