Communication Rears Its Ugly Head - Third Report from the IIA All Star Conference

One day at the IIA All Star Conference and I’m already sensing a theme. Now, sensing a theme in a conference can be a fool’s game. There was one general session and four concurrent sessions of four sessions each. We all saw the general session. (That is, everyone who had not passed out from advanced vertigo at the roulette tables saw that one.) But there were sixteen possible combinations of concurrent sessions that could have been seen. (Like that math? Four years of college didn’t go to waste.) That means sixteen different interpretations of “what this conference is all about”. But I can tell you the sense of things that I got. 

I kept hearing the word communication. Communication as a leader. Communication with the stakeholders. Communication with the team. Communication with anyone and everyone with whom the auditors comes in contact.
Not surprising – we all know that core to our ability to accomplish our jobs is such communication. However, if this is a subject that keeps coming up in an All Star Conference – a conference put together based on the rankings auditors have given presentations throughout the year – is it something that is started to become an issue in the profession?
In other words, is it something we are struggling with again? Or, is it something we continue to struggle with, but it has come rushing back to the forefront of our concerns.
It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow – is it a theme that will continue to come up?
But until then, what are your thoughts.  Communication is key to our success. Are we, as a profession, confronting new struggles in this area?


Posted on Oct 10, 2012 by Mike Jacka

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