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I would like to bring to your attention a rather strange Web site. It is not only strange, but it is strange that I would be asking internal auditors to go there. However, if I have imparted only one thing in the last year of composing these blog entries, I hope that it is my belief that creativity and change are the only things that will lead to the continued success of internal auditing. 

Follow this link to TED. No, it’s not the ill-fated United Airlines group. Rather, it is a group “devoted to ideas worth spreading.” Yeah, I know it sounds a bit fluffy — but I suggest you visit (and visit with an open mind). Step into a few of the presentations. These are not puff pieces by self-help shysters you’ve never heard of; they are mind-shifting talks by bigwigs who know of what they speak.

Here’s the challenge. Watch two or three of them and imagine what it might mean to what you are doing (maybe it is internal auditing, maybe it’s something else). And I defy you to not be forced to at least think harder about some of your preconceived notions.

Have fun, and if you stumble across something particularly good, let us know.

Posted on Mar 15, 2010 by Mike Jacka

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  1.  Great idea! What it really kind of makes me be unhappy is that you think the internal auditors haven't already visited . I am an internal auditor also and I write on my blog about TED for at least 1,5 years. So the internal auditor DO KNOW about TED. 

    Great job otherwise.

    Something else too: If you ever plan to come to Romania please let me know, I would really love to meet someone from the IIA. Thank you again,

  1. TED is an excellent source of inspiration.  The conferences/talks really bring together the best thinking in the world from business ideas to spoken-word poetry.  Thanks for making more people aware of this website, Mike.

  1. I've never read your blog before but on your advice watched a bit of one of the TED videos.  I was so intrigued that I added TED to my favorites and hope to visit more in the future.  Thanks for the tip. 

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