Just an Idle Question

So, how many of you auditors started off as hall monitors in high school?

For me, a hidden desire and dream but, alas, an unfulfilled one. No, for me it was only the AV Club. (But I really had those projectors and film strips under control.)

And you?

(Credit to Sonia Luna for first posting this question on LinkedIn.)



Posted on Jun 15, 2009 by Mike Jacka

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  1. I wish! No, they had me counting the sand in the fire buckets.

  1. Not a hall monitor, but I was the yearbook editor and volunteered as a youth soccer referee while I was in High School.  Does that count?

  1. Interesting question, and a nice diversion from worrying about taking the CIA exam part III this Saturday.  I was a debator, and enjoyed overnighters in small towns of Kansas.  We were good at what we did, debating, but could create havoc for our debate coach.   

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