News Update: Disaster Strikes Troubled Broadway Play One More Time

More troubles for the problem-plagued Broadway production Auditing: The Musical. The most recent incident occurred when the rigging for a stuntman playing altruistic lead auditor Peter Parker failed. In the climactic scene, the young, impressionable auditor Mary Jane, succumbing to the promises of wealth and riches made by the evil corporation, jumps into an open cesspool. Peter dives from the lofty heights of the internal audit department to snatch Mary Jane in mid-air, saving her from a life of useless success. Witnesses present during the event stated that, while Mary Jane’s fall was halted, Peter plummeted into the open pit. A YouTube video shot by one of the audience has gone viral in auditing circles with almost 25 hits. 

In spite of extensive work with Cirque de Controul (famous for their aerial extravaganzas showcasing governance models and risk aversion), accidents have plagued the production in rehearsals and its most recent pre-audit stagings.  This includes two actors who suffered first and second degree burns during the burning of Atlanta’s workpapers, and three musicians who were injured when, during a dream sequence in which Peter tries to become “bad”, a motorcycle was driven through the orchestra pit. 
The production has already been one of the most expensive in Broadway Auditing Theater, running into the tens of thousands of dollars. This includes extensive pyrotechnics (including the final scene in which fireworks are shot from the balcony to celebrate the liberation of internal audit from Finance), elaborate stunts (young auditors leaping to wrong conclusions, managers falling for the executives’ lies, and older auditors jumping at the chance for retirement) and a 100-piece orchestra (with 75% of the members in place as a control for when other musicians may forget their parts.)
However, much of the production’s expense is the result of hiring John Waters to direct the play (said to be the only person who might understand the unusual nature of internal audit), and the powerhouse musical duo Zagar and Evans for development of the musical numbers (whose hit song “In the Year 2525” is claimed to be the inspiration of the play).
Producer Max Bialystock was quoted as saying, “This production will prevail. It is our intent for Auditing: The Musical to be a huge success, finally proving that auditors can, indeed, do original work.”

Posted on Jan 4, 2011 by Mike Jacka

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