Some Quick Thoughts About Creativity


Recently, creativity keeps rearing its ugly head around me. The following are sets of thoughts that almost make sense together.
I received the following comment on an evaluation regarding my Creative Auditing presentation: "Is creative auditing more important than thorough, timely, and comprehensive auditing? Typical of the loss of focus on auditing priorities."
Missed the point entirely. 
Creativity doesn't preclude thorough, timely, and comprehensive auditing. It is necessary for finding better ways to do thorough, timely, and comprehensive auditing. You just may not recognize it right this second.
Who cares if creativity makes sense at that moment? Sticky notes, automobiles, airplanes, the internet, operational auditing, value-added services didn't make sense at the moment. Innovation doesn't make sense at the moment
And I just thought of this one. Almost everything I've seen about tools for creativity starts with identification of the problem to be solved. I think that's part of why people have trouble with creativity. Creativity is about finding something new, not just finding a new solution.
A line I recently heard. Creativity is like a joke; you don't get it until the end.

Posted on Mar 29, 2013 by Mike Jacka

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