The Frequent Auditing Program

We here at Internal Audit have always valued you - our customers. And now, we are happy to share with you an exciting opportunity to reward our most loyal customers. Welcome to the “Frequent Auditing Program” – a program designed to reward you, our auditees, for your hours of loyal devotion to us, your auditors. We know you’ve got a lot of questions, so let’s address them right now. 

“How do I join?”  Nothing could be simpler. Just complete the “I want to be frequently audited” form, e-mail it to our Chief Audit Executive, provide at list five risks to the accomplishment of your department’s objectives, and you’re in!!
“I’ve always enjoyed working with audit, but why should I join?” We can answer that question with three words – points, points, and more points. It’s really simple. For every hour internal audit records as having worked within your department, you receive one “Audit” point. (Hours are based on the time we record as “billable” hours and may not reflect the actual hours spent directly on the audit. But that just means more points for you!)
“Sounds interesting, but what do I get for all these points?” That’s where the good times really start to roll. The number of points earned will be reflected in your frequent audit status. Just one point (that’s just one hour of internal audit) will get you Bronze status, 500 points (an amount you might earn with just one slightly complicated audit) will get you Silver, 2,000 points will get you Gold, and the truly fortunate, those who amass 5,000 points, will achieve the pinnacle of the Frequent Auditing Program – the proof that they have arrived as an auditee – Platinum status.
“And what do those various statuses mean to me?” Even the most basic status has its rewards. But the higher you get, the greater the rewards. Here is just a sample of the riches that could be yours.
Bronze – Our finest basic audit services, including a guarantee that at least 50% of audits will be conducted within the timelines we have originally established.
Silver – All of the above plus one guaranteed effective audit opinion and a fine assortment of snacks to be provided at all audit meetings.
Gold – All of the above plus free upgrades to first class audit (based on availability) which includes work performed by our best auditors and reports that have been proofread before submitting for your review. In addition, you will be given the right to remove one audit from the audit committee report.
Platinum – All of the above plus free concierge service which includes access to internal audit’s best meeting room, the use of wireless internet at reduced rates, and cleaning and pressing your clothes prior to exit interviews. Also, we’ll let you write half of your audit reports.
And we have a lot more planned. This is a program that will be constantly updated giving you, our valued customers, the perks and benefits you have learned to expect from internal audit
Don’t be left out; sign up now. And don’t forget, every referral will get you 100 bonus points (double if it turns into a fraud)

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 by Mike Jacka

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