The Most Interesting Auditor in the World - One More Time


He is fluent in 19 languages, and can say "Ineffective" in 25.
He has never received a review note.
For him, business casual is a two-piece suit.
During interviews, he writes down the answers before he asks the questions.
He forced "The Outer Limits" to establish stronger controls over our television sets.
One of the letters in "GRC" is actually his initial.
He recruits new auditors by walking through the room.
He has removed the delete key from his computer.
He once did a QA review of his own department to see what all the fuss was about.
He great-grandfathered into his CIA designation.
Auditees have his picture in their wallets.
He once got marketing to establish effective controls.
He teaches old auditors new tricks.
He adds value by just looking at a department.
When he calls, the CEO is always there.
He bandages the wounded.
He is...the most interesting auditor in the world
“I don’t always conduct audits my friend, but when I do, I follow the IIA Standards. Stay inquisitive my friends.”


Posted on Feb 13, 2013 by Mike Jacka

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  1.  People confess when he looks straight in their eyes ;-)

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