The Updated COSO Framework - Frequently Asked Questions

I have had the opportunity to help facilitate the IIA's new course on updates to COSO's Internal Control–Integrated Framework. There is quite a bit of interest out there. And that means everyone has a lot of questions. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, this list does not include the answers.

Where can I recycle my old COSO cubes?
How much more COSO-ier is the update?
Can I now list the old COSO and the new COSO as separate skills on LinkedIn?
Does this cover uncontrolled twerking?
Can I still implement a control framework during the government shutdown?
Remind me, how do you spell COSO?
Do I have to read the whole thing?
COSO standards? I thought this was how to comply with So-so standards
Are there any suggestions on how a theme for the updated COSO framework can be used in designing my costume for next year's Comic-Con?
Can I get five components for the cost of four?
Does this mean the original framework was only COSO-so?
Is there an App for that?
How can I force my HOA to comply?
How many CPEs do I get for this?
When will the updated Treadway Commission bobble heads be available?
If a single salmon were to have done an inadequate job of implementing the framework while using eight woodwinds dipped in chocolate and purchased at the discount warehouse, would it be a Solo Coho so-so COSO with ocho Costo cocoa oboes? (Okay, it's not really that funny. But just try to say it out loud.)
What does COSO stand for again?
I am more than willing to entertain any additional questions. (And happy to hear if you have any answers.)

Posted on Oct 3, 2013 by Mike Jacka

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  1. MIke, if i have to implement a control framework, what must i do? Seriously. Any answers appreciated.

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