Worst Auditor Names Ever


For your dining and dancing enjoyment, the staff of the worst audit department in the world.
CAE                                    Hugh Jerk
AVP                                    Karen Less
Managers                           Darryl Ect
                                           Sharon Nothing
Supervisors                        Frank Lee Lyon
                                           Boris Pantsov
Auditor – Level III               Rudy Meaner   
Auditor – Level II                Sharon Nothing
Auditor – Level I                 Lois Steem
IT Auditors                          Normal Lee Obtuse
                                           Lotta Jargon
Report Writing                    Pete Pete Finding
                                           Anita Rewrite
                                           Barry Dry
Interviewer                          Nomar X. Cuses
                                            Shirley U. Jest
Testing                                Errol Over
Statistician                          Tobias D. Numbers
Liaison with HR                  Euell B. Fired
Liaison with Marketing       Cindy Fined
QA Team                           Jerry Rigg
And the incredible group of fraud investigators
Will E. Break
Tilly Cries
Juno U. Diddit
Dan D. Story
Tilda Confession
                                           Otto Givup
(Thanks to Mark Brinkley who has to take some of the blame for this.)

Posted on May 7, 2014 by Mike Jacka

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