A Quick Note About Taking Notes During a Conference

No one really has time on a Friday. We are all striving for one thing – get through the day and get to the weekend. Accordingly, whenever I actually post on a Friday, I’ll make it a quick hit – 200 words or less

Try to find the notes you took from the last conference/seminar/luncheon you attended. Did you write anything down?   Did you reread it? Can you even find it now? Can you even remember any of the topics?
Best advice I ever heard (and I know I’ve told you this one before, but don’t stop me): The only notes you take during any conference should be no more than will fit on the back of your name tag. What you write will be important. What you write will be something you remember. What you write will be used.
But let me throw you another idea. Next conference/seminar/lunch meeting, do not take a pad of paper. Take only a pad of sticky notes. Something profound is said - write it on a sticky note and put it away. Don’t try to connect the dots, don’t try to figure out what it all means – just jot down the random thoughts and moments of profundity that smack you upside the head.
Go back to the office, pull out those sticky notes, and start sticking them to the wall. See what story they tell.
Then you might actually take something important back with you.

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 by Mike Jacka

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  1. The last time I had really useful notes from a conference was GAM 2010. I only took notes on the cocktail-sized pad they give you, and matched it to the materials sent later. I still use those notes today. I agree with your point - get the main ideas down and put them to work for you.

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