The Top Ten Reasons for Not Getting Started on that Horribly Important Audit Project


In honor of my pledge to try and complete one humor piece every day this week, an homage to why it is so hard to get started.
10) I just couldn't put down the updated COSO Framework.
9) Those lottery numbers won't check themselves.
8) Daylight savings times always throws me; I set my audit back one month.
7) I was looking for a world map to complete my Risk™ assessment.
6) After the IIA meeting, I just had to ask the chef to give me his recipe for that delicious rubber chicken fricassee.
5) I was trying to find a way to be creative inside the box.
4) I was trying to find the box.
3) I was looking for that last SOX key control I needed to complete my collection of 1,000 key controls you just can't live without.
2) I was looking for something large enough to hold all my big data.
1) To save time, I already wrote the first ten drafts of my final report.

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 by Mike Jacka

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