A Quick Note About Serendipity, Interviews, and Keeping Your Head on a Swivel


Have you ever noticed that, just about the time you start discussing a subject, a bunch of material pops up on the same topic? So it is with the interviewing topic I've been harping on the last couple of weeks. I was discussing the need for different types of questions and, sure enough, a related article showed up on the Inc. website.
Take a look at the article. It contains a list of questions that are used during job interviews with Zappos. There's a couple I'm not that thrilled with. However, most I absolutely love and would immediately steal if given the opportunity. Ultimately, they are all great examples of "questions no one is expecting."
Sprinkle liberally throughout your next set of interviews.
But about that whole serendipity thing...
Yeah, sometimes the lucky happenstance of new materials appearing related to a subject you are just exploring is the law of large numbers. And sometimes it is because you happen to be on the cusp of a set of explorations many others are discovery at the same time. But I'm thoroughly convinced that it is the result of your focus being changed to the new area.
The information has been bubbling around you; you are only now aware of it. And if you allow there to be as many inputs as possible, then these types of connections will happen more and more often. 
A partial quote from Steve Jobs:  "Creativity is just connecting things."
To connect things, you have to be exposed to "things". And that means you have to have a lot of "things" coming in. And that means you have to keep looking a lot of different directions – you never know where the next "thing" will come from.
And one last thought/moral/recommendation/admonition: Read everything.

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Mike Jacka

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