A Collection of Solid Guidance on Risk Management

The Conference Board of Canada has brought several risk management experts together, and they contribute articles on a variety of important topics, in the first issue of Risk Watch: Thought Leadership in Risk and Governance. You can access it here.

Christopher Eaton addresses the critical need for integrating strategy and risk processes. This is a topic that should be high on internal audit departments' radar, as it is the root cause of many enterprises' failures to achieve their goals, objectives, and performance targets.

Felix Kloman, one of the true sages of risk management, takes on the issue of why people (especially senior executives) don't listen when risk officers bear bad news.

If you are a reader of Compliance Week, you may have read Jose Tabuena's columns. In this article, he talks about the role of the board in providing oversight of risk management. He highlights the value provided by an internal audit assessment of the adequacy of risk management processes.

Cathy Taylor's topic is complacency: it won't happen to us, and Leslie Thompson returns to the matter of risk oversight by the board. Is your board risk intelligent, or risk aware?

Now, none of these pieces is particularly long and therefore just touches the surface of each issue. Do you find the views useful? What would you like to see discussed in more detail?

Note: outside Canada, you can use this link: https://www.box.net/shared/x74tub9d6y

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 by Norman Marks

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  1. Norman,

    Thanks for the reference on the subject. Unfortunately, the issue is not available to individuals outside of Canada. Is there an alternative location for the document?

    Bob McNichols

  1. Thanks for pointing this out, Bob.

    I have loaded the document to my LinkedIn profile collection. Try https://www.box.net/shared/x74tub9d6y


  1. Norman, it looks like the CBOC is selling the report for $170.  Are they Ok with you distributing it for free via your box.net link?

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