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Welcome to CSA Sentinel
CSA Sentinel is a retired electronic newsletter originally created to support the development of knowledge surrounding the implementation of control self-assessment workshops and techniques and enterprise risk management (ERM) methodologies. Although the newsletter is no longer published, archived issues are available to all IIA members.

Mission Statement
CSA Sentinel is exclusively devoted to coverage of all aspects of control self-assessment and enterprise risk management, offering a forum for CSA practitioners to exchange their ideas and experiences with other professionals around the world.

Allison Cain
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Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701 USA
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Contributing Editors
Dave Harmon
Mike Pidzamecky

Editorial Advisor
Mark Ledman
Jim Roth

Director, Online Publications
Matthew Lion

Acting IIA Vice President, Educational Materials
Anne E. Millage

IIA Chief Operating Officer
Al Holzinger

The material in CSA Sentinel represents the viewpoints of the authors and those quoted. They may differ from policies and official statements of The IIA and its committees and from opinions endorsed by authors, employers, or the editor of this newsletter.

CSA Sentinel was published quarterly by The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. Copyright 2006 by The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. All rights reserved.