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Third Quarter 2007 • Vol. 11 • No. 3
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CSA Sentinel: The End of an Era

Dear Readers,

As strange as it seems to write these words, the final issue of CSA Sentinel appears on the following pages.

Over the last 10 years, the newsletter has covered a wide range of control self-assessment topics from getting serious about CSA (PDF 2,221 KB) — covered in CSA Sentinel's inaugural issue — to using CSA to maximize your internal audit function, featured in the most recent issue. During that time, authors and regular contributors have shared strategies and success stories, as well as opinions and CSA best practices.

The newsletter — under the guidance of The IIA's CSA Center Specialty Membership program — has strived to create a support network for CSA practitioners as they experimented with CSA and began championing the concept to management. But now we've come to the difficult decision to stop the presses, so to speak, having helped propel CSA to its current status. As Mike Pidzamecky points out in his final column, "We will always be there using it and supporting it, but the approach no longer needs us to beg for its acceptance because it is now part of the regular world."

In line with this change, as the principal educator and go-to resource for internal auditors, The IIA believes it is responsible for making any CSA-related materials equally available to all practitioners. That's why The IIA is dissolving its fee-based CSA Center Specialty Membership, of which you have been a participant. As of September 30, all IIA members will have access to archived issues of CSA Sentinel, as well as all CSA-related materials. For more information on these changes, please read the letter from the North American Support Center (PDF, 1,103 KB).

On behalf of The IIA, its CSA Center Specialty Membership program, and CSA Sentinel's regular contributors, we would like to thank you for your support and interest during the last decade. Without your dedication to CSA, the newsletter would have never experienced such a long and successful run.

Allison Cain


In This Issue

Reflections on the First 20 Years of CSA
CSA has helped many organizations narrowly escape catastrophe throughout the years. Follow one of CSA's pioneers as he takes a look at some of these averted catastrophes by recounting some of his most memorable CSA endeavors.

Driving Forces Behind CSA's Popularity
Learn how management and audit executives use CSA to effectively respond to risk and comply with regulations and legislations.

Q&A With Dave Harmon
Dave Harmon shares his final thoughts on control self-assessment.

According to Mike
Mike Pidzamecky explains why CSA Sentinel's end is only the beginning.

Quick Tips: How to Ask the Right Questions
Asking the right questions up front can help practitioners identify problems before planning an assessment.

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