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First Quarter 2008 • Vol. 3 • No. 1
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Dear GAP News Readers,

Over the last two years, GAP News has covered a wide range of government audit topics, from creating an effective anonymous reporting program — covered in the newsletter's inaugural issue — to putting Benford's Law to work, featured in the most recent issue. During that time, authors and regular contributors have shared strategies and success stories, as well as opinions and best practices.

The newsletter has endeavored to create a support network for government auditors as they maintain and examine the records of government agencies and audit private businesses and individuals whose activities are regulated. But now we've come to the decision to take a look at how we're delivering this content.

As the principal educator and go-to resource for internal auditors, The IIA believes it is responsible for making any government-related content and news available more often and as it happens. That's why The IIA is beginning plans to build a Web site that will encompass the majority of current newsletter content we produce, Internal Auditor magazine, and timely audit news — all the great info you currently get in GAP News as well as new formats like podcasts, blogs, and video.

More details will be available as the site progresses during the coming months, but the target release date is scheduled for September. In the meantime, archived issues of GAP News are still available on our Web site.

On behalf of The IIA, its government audit group, and GAP News' regular contributors, we would like to thank you for your support and interest during the last two years, as well as for your patience while we work on better ways to deliver the content you need, when you need it. Your input and involvement will be valuable as we shape the government content for our new Web site, so I hope you’ll e-mail the editor with suggestions.

Al Holzinger
Chief Operating Officer


In This Issue

Putting Benford's Law to Work
Using spreadsheet applications to apply Benford's law to naturally occurring numbers can be a cost-effective way to identify fraud.

A Revolution in Public-sector Management
By taking steps toward implementing the Public Internal Financial Control framework, Europe is positioning itself to standardize public-sector management.

Performance Management Systems Offer High-value Audit Opportunities
Auditors can add value to government performance by finding ways to improve the systems government organizations use to measure, manage, and improve results.

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