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2008 Midyear Meetings
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Congratulations! You have done it again. And when I say “you,” I mean you — one of The IIA’s valued leaders. The success of our global organization has not occurred by accident. The drive and dedication of volunteers and staff who work tirelessly on behalf of The IIA and the advancement of our profession is what has distinguished us as one of the most progressive professional associations in the world. Here is a small sample of what you accomplished this year:

  • The strategic plan, which was approved in 2007, will help focus many of our initiatives on the common goal to ensure that internal auditing is universally recognized as a profession by 2013. Seven tasks forces were identified and established to help The IIA achieve the preferred future milestone in the six-year plan.
  • The Internal Audit Competency Framework was issued, outlining the minimum level of knowledge and skills needed to be a proficient internal audit professional. Standardizing and categorizing practitioner competencies through this framework plays a role in our quest to ensure that our profession is recognized, trusted, and valued by management, boards, audit committees, and audit customers.
  • Because becoming certified is one of the best ways for practitioners to demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they conform to professional standards and exemplify knowledge, proficiency, and professionalism, The IIA made certification testing more convenient and readily accessible with the launch of computer-based testing (CBT). To my knowledge, no other organization has ever attempted to convert a paper and pencil exam to electronic delivery in 16 languages at more than 500 worldwide locations. 
  • The Board of Directors approved the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) under the oversight of The IIA’s Professional Practices Advisory Council, and it went live on the first day of the New Year. The IPPF’s structure and associated processes will ensure that authoritative guidance is current, relevant, and internationally consistent.

Our recent Midyear Meetings in Orlando, Florida, were evidence of great volunteer commitment. More than 400 leaders from around the world took the time to work on behalf of our profession and to help achieve the short- and long-term goals of The IIA. I’m pleased to share with you this edition of the Governance Report, which reviews the main decisions made and actions taken during the Midyear Meetings.

Thank you so much for your continued dedication to the profession and for your role in helping our profession become recognized, trusted, and valued


Patricia K. Miller, CIA