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Reference Library: E-Business

Resources on electronic business and commerce, including business and technology issues, and technical references.

21st Century Banking Alert Page
This site provides articles, archives, and mail lists on electronic banking and commerce developments and trends, including the growth of electronic banking and e-cash.
Akopia Open Source Internet Commerce Software
Akopia's TallyMan server-based software allows for customizable, e-commerce applications with site management and marketing tools.
Anyware Technology Inc.
Anyware Technology provides software solutions to communication and network security issues, and provides e-commerce security infrastructure for wireless telecommunication services and industry-centric networks.
Argus Systems Group Inc.
Argus Systems Group provides e-business security solutions, protecting vital applications by locking down the intellectual property stored on Web servers, e-mail servers, and corporate databases. provides the Branch Security Review Checklist and information resources, including e-business and, in the "Bankers Tools" section, an audit workbook and workpaper samples.
BBBOnline, a subsidiary of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, offers a privacy tool subscription service that allows businesses to display compliance with online privacy principles to consumers.
BCE Emergis Inc.
BCE Emergis provides managed e-commerce solutions and secure Internet transactions through a suite of core technologies for buying, selling, invoicing, payment, logistics, and customer services.
BITS, the Technology Group for the Financial Services Roundtable is the strategic "brain trust" for the U.S. financial services industry in the e-commerce arena.
Bottomline Technologies
Bottomline Technologies specializes in payment management products and services, including PayBase 32 NT-native payment technology suite, with integrated check printing, fraud protection, and electronic payments.
BT Global Services
BT solutions include mature e-commerce and systems integration consultancy, broad-service applications, content hosting and distribution, Internet connectivity, and data transport services.
CACI's offerings include simulation services, network performance enhancement, telecommunications, information assurance, systems and process reengineering, e-commerce, and product data management.
Carnegie Mellon Institute for eCommerce
The Carnegie Mellon Institute for eCommerce offers a master of science in electronic commerce (MSEC) degree and provides links to information libraries on e-commerce law and technology.
ClearCommerce offers software solutions for e-commerce Web site transaction processing, fraud, tracking, and reporting.
Commerce One, Inc.
Commerce One offers solutions for businesses that are looking to capitalize on the strategic and competitive advantages e-commerce has to offer.
CommerceNet is a nonprofit market and business development organization that focuses on pre-competitive global and industrywide issues from a multidisciplinary perspective encompassing technology, business processes, and regulatory policies.
Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC)
CSC provides e-business solutions for applications, business processes, credit services, customer relationship management, enterprise application integration, hosting, security, IT infrastructure, and supply chain management.
Courion Corp.
Courion offers an integrated family of identity management solutions for account provisioning, password reset and synchronization, digital certificate registration, and profile management.
CPA WebTrust
Developed jointly by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, WebTrust is designed to make cyberspace a safer place to shop.
CSPP Policy Agenda
The CEOs of U.S. computer companies address policy issues that will have a significant effect on global electronic commerce, including security and encryption, tax neutrality, and access to infrastructure.
DataHouse is an IT consulting firm that offers e-business solutions, an interactive library, Internet portfolio on previous clients, and product and services information.
E-Business Consulting
Advittel provides companies with information on e-management and e-business, and advises organizations on the opportunities offered by new network economy technologies.
eCommerce Corp.
eCommerce Corp. develops secure e-commerce catalogs to be distributed over the Internet while linking them to existing legacy database fulfillment systems.
E-Commerce Times
E-Commerce Times has daily news, special reports, and a products and service guide on e-commerce.
E-Commerce Watch
E-Commerce Watch is a bi-weekly e-zine that includes articles from a business perspective and from a technological view, and links to sites on certificate authorities, commerce systems, hardware and software products, and smartcards.
E-Commerce: Sell It On The Web
This weekly newsletter features resources to enable e-commerce on a customer's Web site, including topics such as how to set up an e-commerce Web site and an e-commerce discussion board.
ECommerce-Guide provides news, e-commerce development software reviews, and contains a glossary of e-commerce terms.
EDI Partners
EDI Partners provides a series of one-day electronic data interchange (EDI) seminars for business professionals conducted at universities throughout the United States.
This international nonprofit organization provides an independent forum on trusted service provision, digital certificates, and public key infrastructure; e-commerce best practice; wireless messaging; and unified messaging.
Electronic Commerce & Electronic Markets
This site provides an index of research papers, books, and bibliographies on e-commerce topics such as strategy and design, and home business and small business resources.
Enterprise Risk Management: Identifying Risks in B2B E-commerce Relationships
This IIA Research Foundation handbook describes the risks surrounding business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce relationships and provides guidance for assessing and monitoring B2B risks.
Entrust Technologies
Public-key infrastructure technology combines certification authority, encryption, and digital signature capabilities with fully automated key management to ensure privacy and authenticity of data communications.
Eventra's Internet- and software-based EC/EDI products and professional services allow customers to improve business processes, streamline supply chains, and expand trading partner relationships.
Financial Services ISAC (FS/ISAC)
Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS/ISAC) for professionals in banking, securities, and insurance enables timely reporting of security threats, vulnerabilities, incidents, and solutions.
Global Internet Project (GIP)
GIP is an international group of senior executives committed to fostering continued growth of the Internet. GIP publications and educational events address commerce, content, privacy, security, governance, and infrastructure.
Impulse Software
The Impulse 4.2 tool can be used alone to build an e-commerce Web site, or bundled with one of the turnkey packages for a complete e-commerce solution.
Internet Payment Mechanisms
This site is a collection of links and pointers to existing payment schemes that were designed for use on the Internet.
Internet Secure—Merchant Visa and MasterCard
InternetSecure provides businesses with advanced, secure credit card processing services; research materials; and e-commerce data.
Intershop offers scaleable and flexible e-commerce applications that address the diverse needs of enterprise-class customers, online marketplaces, and application and commerce service providers.
Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
This free monthly journal addresses principal developments and trends in global e-commerce and Internet banking and a way to keep in touch, share information, and establish business contacts.
Keynote Systems
Keynote provides real-time services for measuring, assuring, comparing, and improving e-business Web sites.
Logicool Inc.
Logicool offers IT strategy consulting, e-commerce and shopping cart solutions, database-driven Web sites, corporate Web site design, online marketing solutions, Windows-based software development, and on-site consulting.
Loren Data Corp.
Loren Data specializes in business-to-business and business-to-government E-commerce by combining different database, inter-network communication, document management, and advanced Web-browser programming skills.
Lurhq Corp.
This network security integrator specializes in firewalls, Web server security, e-commerce implementations, and penetration testing.
MasterCard Secure Electronic Transactions
The Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) area of MasterCard's Web site provides information about SET and how to be a smart online shopper.
MasterCard Site Data Protection Service
The MasterCard Site Data Protection Service is a package of tools that allow Web merchants to identify risks on their sites and have immediate access to patches and fixes.
Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)
Microsoft GP business applications for small and mid-size companies automate financial and operational processes and extend information and procedures via the Web to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.
Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash
The Network lists Web sites concerning payment mechanisms designed for the Internet, implementation tools, discussions, mailing lists, and press releases.
Online Privacy Alliance (OPA)
OPA is a diverse group of corporations and associations that promote the protection of privacy online. The site provides resources for businesses and consumers on each of their roles in online privacy.
Open Group
The Open Group is an international nonprofit consortium that offers organizations concerned with open information infrastructures a forum to share knowledge, integrate open initiatives, and certify approved products and processes.
Open Interchange Consortium (OIC)
OIC is an Australia-based association that directs and encourages the research, development, and use of electronic information technologies and associated systems to automate the business process.
Open Market
Open Market software allows companies to manage all customer interactions over the Web.
Oracle Corp.
Oracle produces database servers and applications for a wide variety of operating systems, including Enterprise editions.
PDG Inc.
PDG provides e-commerce products such as PDG Shopping Cart 1.40, ASCII Data Base Importer, and PDG Mall, as well as developmental contracting services.
Safenet Inc.
Safenet's smart-card technology for business-to-business e-commerce enables organizations to safeguard a user's digital credentials, authenticate users, and protect the integrity and privacy of data.
Site Server Commerce Edition
This site offers a comprehensive Internet commerce server that can be used to build and monitor dynamic and cost-effective business sites.
Strom's Speeches
David Strom, founder of CMP's Network Computing magazine, has been involved in computer trade publishing for 12 years. The site is a collection of his speeches, essays, and other published works on e-commerce.
The Information Warfare Site (IWS)
IWS aims to stimulate debate about subjects from information security to information operations and e-commerce, as well as develop a special emphasis on offensive and defensive information operations.
TRUSTe is an independent nonprofit privacy initiative dedicated to building users' trust on the Internet; its third-party seal program is designed to alleviate users' concerns and meet business needs of licensed Web sites.
Tumbleweed Communications
Tumbleweed Communications provides software solutions to manage secure Internet communication and collaboration, empower organizations to safely share or protect critical information, and increase customer privacy.
VeriSign Inc.
VeriSign provides digital trust services for commerce and communications through three core offerings: Name services, authentication services, and payment services.
VeriSign Security Guides
Free guides cover topics including Web site security, online payment processing, building e-commerce sites, server security, Apache servers, public key infrastructure, vulnerability assessment, and wireless communications.
W3C—Digital Signature Initiative
The W3C is involved in several initiatives in the field of e-commerce and secure payments. The site provides pointers for digital signature recommendations and other digital signature and security resources.
Web Developer's Virtual Library
The Web Developer's Virtual Library provides an encyclopedia of Web design tutorials, articles, and discussions.
Web Marketing & E-Commerce
This site provides information about doing business on the Web, articles, and links to resources on e-commerce and Web marketing.
WebTrust Seal of Assurance
The WebTrust Seal of Assurance symbolizes that a CPA or chartered accountant has evaluated a business' practices and controls for compliance with the WebTrust Principles and Criteria for Business-To-Consumer Electronic Commerce.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
W3C develops interoperable technologies to lead the Web to its full potential as a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding.
XML Web Services Security Forums
The XML Web Services Security Forums (XWSS) offers a way to exchange ideas and share information about XML Web Services and security issues, technologies, and protocols.