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Reference Library: Hardware

Vendors offering desktop and notebook computers, servers, and networking products.

3Com networking products include modems, firewalls and routers. Software downloads include updated drivers for network adapter cards, modems, and network management software.
AMD offers a range of integrated circuits for uses in networking, from chips for adapter cards and embedded applications to hubs and switches, as well as processors, flash memory devices, and communications products.
Apple Computer
Product info and technical support for Macintosh hardware, including Mac/PC servers.
Celestix Networks
Network server appliances integrate with software applications to deliver end-user solutions for integrated security, virtual private networks, antivirus solutions, office network, wireless tools, and groupware.
Check Point Software
Check Point Software provides VPN, firewall, and products to enable secure communications, and resources for corporate networks, remote employees, branch offices, and partner extranets.
Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems provides networking products for businesses of all sizes, including routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial-up access servers, and network management software.
Compucat Research
Compucat Research is an Australia-based company that provides secure data communications, e-commerce, messaging, GPS-based tracking systems, ruggedized field-grade equipment, and electromagnetic suppression services.
Computer Hardware Produzenten
This German resource page contains links to hardware and network product vendors' Web sites.
Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems
GPS-Web covert real-time under vehicle tracking system is used by private investigators, law enforcement agencies, employers, and fleet operators.
Crystal Group Inc.
Crystal Group Inc. provides turnkey server architecture designed for high-density/space-constrained mission-critical communication installations worldwide.
Dell Computer Corp.
Dell offers information on servers, workstations, storage devices, software add-ons, notebooks, and desktops.
Dezine Healthcare Solutions specializes in hardware and software solutions for the healthcare industry. Novell and Microsoft certified professionals are available to consult and assist.
FreeBSD Hardware Vendors
This site provides links and introductions to companies that manufacture/supply computer hardware optimized for the FreeBSD operating system.
GE Infrastructure Security InfoGraphics Systems
InfoGraphic Systems manufactures access control and security products, including alarm monitoring, asset tracking, photo badging, and video management.
IBM's Web site offers regular updates and news on network computers, PCs and notebooks, servers, refurbished equipment, microelectronics, networking, printing systems, software, storage and IT solutions.
Intel manufactures processors, communication and networking, and embedded design products.
One of the five business units of this company dedicated to supplying interactive computer graphics systems concentrates on hardware solutions for business, industry and government.
Intrusion Inc.
Intrusion Inc. provides intrusion detection systems, vulnerability assessment software, and integrated security appliances to "plug and protect" assets.
Micro Solutions' backpack product line features hard drives, tape drives and CD-ROM drives that are portable and attach via a parallel port connection.
MPC Computers
MPC provides notebooks, desktops, and servers, as well as memory components.
Novell provides users with the services needed to evolve their networks into intranets.
Paranet provides computer networking services for Fortune 1000 companies, including integration, management, and support of distributed computing environments.
PC Guardian
PC Guardian's security products protect against computer theft and unauthorized access, as well as protecting computer peripherals, LCD projectors, and video equipment.
Quantum Corp.
Quantum Corp. provides data sheets and technical specifications for its storage products, including hard drives, tape drives, and optical disk drives, as well as general information on storage devices.
Storageflex's primary, tape, CD backup, and archival storage solutions for Fortune 1000 companies include DNA/NAS RAID solutions, CD/Media servers, backup solutions, RAID solutions, and racks.
Sun Microsystems - Network Security
Sun provides products, services, and technologies for secure e-commerce and communication over public networks, as well as training solutions so customers can implement and manage their network security strategy.
Telcordia Technologies
Formerly Bellcore, Telcordia Technologies provides networking/information solutions and communications technology for telecommunications carriers, businesses, and governments.
Tenon - MachTen
MachTen can turn a Macintosh into a complete Unix workstation based on BSD4.4 and the Mach kernel.
Toshiba America, Inc.
Toshiba provides computer systems, disk products, Internet cable solutions, cameras and imaging, and network products.
Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA)
TCPA was formed by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft to improve the trust available within the personal computer. The site offers specifications, news and events, and work groups.