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Reference Library: Information Management

Resources on information management issues, including management and technologies.

Adabas is a multi-threaded database management system designed for complex enterprise information requirements and operates on both mainframe and desktop systems.
Algotec Systems
Algotec Systems provides health-care facilities with Web-enabled solutions for medical imaging, including teleradiology, telemedicine, image management and distribution, archiving, and 2D and 3D image processing.
Angoss Software
Angoss Software Corp. provides KnowledgeSeeker and KnowledgeStudio data mining software and SmartWare cross-platform integrated product suite; and offers consultation services to set up data discovery and data mining practices.
ARMA International
ARMA International provides education, research, and networking opportunities for more than 10,000 information management professionals in 30 countries.
Association for Federal Information Resources Management (AFFIRM)
AFFIRM is a U.S.-based organization that provides education for professionals who manage information and related systems and resources within the U.S. government.
Azmy Thinkware Inc.
Azmy's SuperQuery helps users understand and use Access and Excel data, as well as many other databases.
BMC Software
BMC Software delivers control over infrastructure management costs, control of market advantage and differentiation via service management, and growth of business value with solutions for business optimization.
Boardwalktech's tabular database adds multi-user consolidation, secure access control, version control, and auditability to any collaborative spreadsheet-based process, reducing costs and compliance risk.
Borland InterBase
InterBase relational database management system combines rich text, versioning architecture, event alerters, and a Java JDBC driver to provide a product with sophisticated technological features.
CACI's offerings include simulation services, network performance enhancement, telecommunications, information assurance, systems and process reengineering, e-commerce, and product data management.
Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
Carnegie Mellon University's Capability Maturity Models (CMM) assist organizations in maturing their people, process, and technology assets to improve long-term business performance.
Captovation Inc.
Captovation Inc. specializes in the development of capture products for document management, provides custom integration solutions to streamline document capture, and integrates processes into document management systems.
Center for Business Practices (CBP)
CBP is a knowledge center created to capture, organize, and transfer business-practice knowledge to project stakeholders through research reports, best practices, and a knowledge bank of Web sites.
Cerenade provides an integrated electronic forms management solution that enables an organization's forms to take on such attributes as routing, authorization processes, tracking, filling, saving, printing, e-mailing, and archiving.
Computer Associates International
Computer Associates produces software products and services to manage and secure IT infrastructure, business information, and application development.
CrossZ Solutions
CrossZ Solutions' QueryObject System is a multidimensional knowledge discovery solution that maintains persistent hard-key links with raw data to help users easily locate data corresponding to their findings.
Daffodil Software Ltd.
Daffodil Software's relational database management system is written entirely in Java, SQL-compliant, works with multiple operating systems, supports multiple users, and is available in embedded and network versions.
Data Mining Technologies Inc.
Data Mining Technology's Nuggets product automatically sifts through data and uncovers hidden facts and relationships, as well as reveals which indicators most impact the business and predict future results.
Data Warehousing Institute
The institute helps organizations increase understanding and use of business intelligence by educating decision makers and information systems professionals on the appropriate deployment of data warehousing strategies and technologies.
Data Warehousing Product and Technical Information
This site provides a list of products and technical information, technical briefs, and white papers.
Datactics' ForensicsTrawler product provides data-matching technology to access and identify errors and anomalies.
Datawatch Corp.
Datawatch provides help desk and report mining solutions to leverage knowledge resources.
DBMS Magazine
This site features a selection of articles and product reviews from DBMS, a monthly print magazine devoted to database and client/server solutions.
This Windows utility program automatically catalogs, displays, searches, and retrieves any file, any time, including files stored on removable media.
Elder Research
Elder Research discovers useful patterns in data, successfully harnessing the information gained; researchers contribute to literature in academic journals, books, conference presentations, courses, and seminars.
eMag Solutions
eMag provides data recovery, forensic analysis, and data conversion services and software. Its software allows users to read a data tape in any format and look at any part of that tape in an unprocessed mode.
Empress Software Inc.
Empress RDBMS is a development database for scientific and engineering organizations using UNIX, Windows applications, or real-time environments.
Exclusive Ore Inc.
Exclusive Ore is a consulting and software services company dedicated to innovation and excellence in data mining.
DB2 offers an open, industrial-strength database management for business intelligence, transaction processing, and a broad range of applications for all types of businesses.
IBM Informix
Informix is a database solution for businesses and government organizations.
IBM RedBrick
RedBrick Warehouse is a relational database designed to meet the requirements of data warehouse applications, optimized for complex high-performance queries and efficient management of large databases.
PowerCenter, PowerMart, and PowerCapture deploy scalable business intelligence and analytic applications, deploy decision-support applications, and automate real-time capture and refresh of incremental database changes from operational systems.
Information Builders
Information Builders provides business intelligence, Web reporting, and mobile information-delivery solutions for enterprises.
JCC's Database Resources
JCC Consulting, a firm that specializes in products, training, and consulting for database, client/server, and data warehousing solutions, provides links to Oracle, SQL, research, standards, and vendors.
KE Software
KE Software products include KE Texpress, a multi-user database management system that provides data management tools and utilities.
Kismet Analytic Corp.
Kismet's Validator product allows companies to establish data conventions, enforce detailed conventions automatically, and set and enforce standards.
Leapfrog Technologies
Leapfrog Technologies develops wireless network technologies built on the NCServer platform, an object-relational database management system.
LeoBase DBMS
LeoBase is a post–relational database management system with a number of interesting possibilities and high-speed query processing; available in English and Russian.
Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)
Microsoft GP business applications for small and mid-size companies automate financial and operational processes and extend information and procedures via the Web to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft provides news, bulletins, and other information about SQL Server scalability, performance, availability, security, support, and applications.
NetIQ Corp.
NetIQ provides solutions for system management, security, and Web analytics, from pre-deployment testing and availability monitoring through to security management and use analysis.
Netmap Analytics
Netmap Analytics integrates data from many sources and generates powerful graphic displays, interactive visual analysis, and visual mining capabilities.
NeuralWare Inc.
Predict develops and deploys real-time applications for forecasting, modeling, and classification automatically.
Object Data Management Group
This nonprofit consortium of vendors and interested parties completed its work on object data management standards in 2001. Information on resources and standards is found on the site.
OpenVMS Data Warehousing
This Web site provides a data warehousing on openVMS brochure and an openVMS data warehousing white paper.
Oracle Corp.
Oracle produces database servers and applications for a wide variety of operating systems, including Enterprise editions.
Paisley's purpose-built component for IT governance aligns IT operations with corporate goals and business objectives, identifies material IT risks through risk assessments, and prevents and reduces IT incidents and losses.
Pick Systems
Pick Systems' D3 is an open systems environment that supports ODBC, SQL, and OSFI standards, runs on a wide range of hardware, and is available for most varieties of UNIX and Windows operating systems.
Predictive Data Mining
The Data-Miner Software kit is a comprehensive collection of programs for efficient mining of big data.
Progress Software ObjectStore
ObjectStore is an object database management system that moves data and database processing forward from the server to the business components distributed across multiple tiers.
Quadbase Systems Inc.
Quadbase SQL Server is a highly scalable, industrial-strength SQL database server that complies with the entry-level ANSI SQL 92 standard and supports open database connectivity (ODBC) as a native API.
Rulequest Research
Rulequest Research's See5 data mining tool discovers patterns that delineate categories, assemble them into classifiers, and use them to make predictions.
Samac designs, develops, and implements multidimensional database technology for the AS/400 computer platform.
Sapiens International Corp.
Sapiens International's Policy INSIGHT software helps insurance carriers improve operating efficiencies by capturing policy information online and providing real-time services to customers.
SAS Institute Inc.
SAS Institute and American Management Systems deliver customized solutions for data warehousing, decision support, and customer relationship management.
SHARE Inc. is an independent, volunteer-run association providing IBM customers with user-focused research, education, networking, and a forum to influence the IT industry.
Silvon's Application Data Mart provides packaged data warehousing solutions, and Data Marts allows departments to access and analyze critical business information to manage strategic business areas.
Software Concepts International
Software Concepts provides services, consulting, software utilities, and training for Oracle CODASYL database management system technologies.
sqlSentry empowers database administrators with SQL Server platform capabilities by providing visual scheduling, schedule performance monitoring, robust MAPI-less alerting, job queuing and chaining, and block detection.
Stanford Data Warehousing Publications
Publication topics include extracting source data extraction, warehouse consistency, warehouse maintenance, physical and logical warehouse design, warehouse query processing, and data mining.
Sybase products and services tie together different information systems so organizations can distribute information anywhere.
Team Software Process
The Team Software Process provides specific guidance about how personal software process-trained engineers can work as effective team members on a high-performance team.
TecSec Inc.
TecSec provides e-business information management and security products and solutions through cryptography.
Two Crows Corp.
Two Crows provides articles dealing with data mining tools and techniques, consulting assistance, and seminars and training sessions.
U.S. NIST Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC)
The National Institute for Standards and Technology's (NIST's) CSRC collects and disseminates computer security information and resources to help users, systems administrators, managers, and security professionals better protect their data and systems.
University of California at Berkeley Sequoia 2000
The Sequoia 2000 project is a database management system research group that indexes new workloads, database visualization, distributed database, and interactive online processing.
Versant Object Technology
Versant supports leading development tools and class libraries along with industry-specific tools in the telecommunications, financial services, health care, and advanced multimedia markets.
Visual Analytics Inc.
Visual Analytics provides data mining and analysis software and services. Its VisuaLinks graphical analytical software allows auditors to uncover patterns, links, and trends among data sources in databases.
WizSoft Inc.
WizRule by Wizsoft is a data auditing and cleansing application that reveals all the rules in a given data and identifies suspected errors, displays contents, and reports and explains deviations.
Zaptron Systems Inc.
Zaptron Systems' DataX is a software suite for intelligent data mining and tool for business automation.