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Reference Library: Antivirus

Information about computer viruses and virus detection products and services. Antivirus Software
This guide contains articles, reviews, links and downloads for operating systems and updates on the latest viruses, hoaxes, and solutions.
Allen's Winappslist Antivirus Software
Allen's Winappslist describes antivirus products and offers free downloadable versions, as well as links to vendor sites.
Antivir Personal Edition
In addition to a free personal antivirus scanning tool, Avira offers premium versions for purchase, plus support, articles, and forums.
Antivirus Education and Reporting
This vendor-independent site explains viruses from basic to advanced levels and offers links to other resource sites as well as a section for reporting new viruses.
Antivirus Information
The faculty of technology at Open University in the United Kingdom provides information on types, effects and sources of viruses, and links to updates, bulletins and hoax information.
AntiVirus Vendor Links Page
Links to antivirus vendors and documents are compiled in this resource page by Security-Online.
Celestix Networks
Network server appliances integrate with software applications to deliver end-user solutions for integrated security, virtual private networks, antivirus solutions, office network, wireless tools, and groupware.
Software for electronic communication security and management includes Mimesweeper content solutions for Web access, virus, and spam.
Command Software Systems
Authentium designs, develops, and markets comprehensive data security and antivirus software for both networks and personal computers, including Command Antivirus with HoloCheck Technology.
Computer Virus Resources
The University of Delaware provides information on viruses, hoaxes, and protecting computers, including links to vendors, research organizations, and other references.
CyberSoft antivirus software searches for virus, hacker, and security problems on UNIX and Linux systems. CyberSoft also offers a collection of white papers on viruses, antivirus, UNIX, and computer security.
Doug Muth's Antivirus Home Page
Resources and information include papers, articles, and encyclopedia entries, plus links to vendors of software utilities.
Entercept provides intrusion prevention software to safeguard servers by preventing known and unknown attacks, such as worms and buffer overflows.
F-Secure Corp.
F-Secure develops antivirus, data security, and cryptography software products for corporate computer networks.
Global Hauri
Global Hauri Inc. provides the ViRobot virus protection line for desktops, servers, gateways, and groupware; DataMedic data recovery software; and LiveCall online scanner.
Grisoft's AVG antivirus software features resident protection, e-mail and on-demand scanners, scheduled tests, e-mail technical support, automatic healing of infected files, and a virus vault for infected files.
Help Net Security
Help Net Security provides an e-mail newsletter, press releases, software, articles, lists of vulnerabilities, virus and antivirus information, downloads, and links to information security sites.
Software and services include products to scan PCs for viruses, clean and optimize hard drives, and update applications and operating systems, as well as enterprise network security and management solutions. Virus Information Center
This resource highlights recent viruses, risk levels and a calendar with target dates for specific viruses, as well as virus hoaxes.
Microsoft Security
The Microsoft Security Web page features strategy information, products, support, guidance, links, bulletins, antivirus, virus alerts, hoaxes and scams, secure applications, training, and downloads.
NH&A provides antivirus, security, and network management software for networks makes independent recommendations, and assists in implementation.
Panda Software
This provider specializes in antivirus solutions for a variety of platforms in any environment. Site includes news, support, daily updates, and a virtual store.
Proland Software
Product description and downloadable evaluation copies of Protector Plus brand antivirus packages are available for various platforms.
SaID Ltd.
Dr. Web, a family of antivirus programs in Russia, is a heuristic analyzer that searches and removes viruses, and analyzes these viruses to find earlier, unknown viruses.
SecurityFocus provides information on enterprise security threats, issues alerts of impending cyber attacks worldwide, licenses a vulnerability database, and hosts the Bugtraq security community mailing list.
Sophos Antivirus Products
Sophos AntiVirus provides cross-platform protection in a fully integrated, scalable product that monitors all entry points, including disks, programs, documents, network drives, downloads, and e-mail.
Sophos' Descriptions of Virus Hoaxes
This Web page defines various terms pertaining to hoaxes.
Stiller Research Virus News
Information includes explanations and news about viruses and other threats to PCs.
Symantec Antivirus Research Center (SARC)
SARC researchies and develops technology to eliminate computer virus threats and provides current information on virus threats and safe computing practices.
Symantec Corp.
Software and appliance solutions for individuals, enterprises, and service providers include virus protection, firewall, vulnerability management, and remote management technologies.
Trend Micro
Trend Micro Inc. develops server-based antivirus software, including Interscan for gateway protection, ScanMail for e-mail and groupware protection, ServerProtect, and OfficeScan SBS for LAN servers.
TriGeo Network Security
TriGeo Network Security provides system and network security event management and information management products and solutions. The site also provides articles, white papers, and an e-newsletter.
TruthorFiction provides information about warnings, offers, and requests for help, circulated by e-mail, to help Internet users make sure e-mail stories contain information, not misinformation.
University of Toronto's Computer Security Administration Web Page
This site provides security policies, procedures, and guidelines, as well as a sample disaster recovery plan, links, product reviews, conferences and training, a reference library, and security news.
Virus Bulletin
This technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and antivirus products contains links to virus news, reviews, analyses, pictures, and statistics.