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Reference Library: Audit Software

Vendors providing software developed specifically for use by auditors.

@RISK risk analysis and simulation add-in for Microsoft Excel recalculates spreadsheet hundreds or thousands of times, selecting random numbers from range entered, and provides possible outcomes.
ABC Systems and Development Inc.
ABC Lan Licenser 3 software metering tool helps keep networks legally compliant with manufacturers' software agreements and minimizes network traffic, providing central administration capabilities.
ACL Services Ltd.
ACL Services Ltd. provides an integrated solution for auditors, combining market-leading software with a full range of training and consulting services, a worldwide support network, and industry-focused publications.
Acorn Systems Inc.
Acorn Systems provides profit management software that allows companies to measure, analyze, predict, and optimize net operating profits.
Aline4IA by Business Intelligence International enables internal auditors to manage their audits anytime, with access to documents via the Internet, plus simple work flow and electronic sign-off on all audit steps.
APEX Analytix
APEX Analytix's FirstSrike software suite helps organizations detect potential vendor fraud and provide continuous monitoring of vendor and invoice data to flag potential fraud.
Approva Corp.
Approva's BizRights software provides continuous visibility into automated processes and internal controls within enterprise resource planning applications.
Attest Systems Inc.
Attest Systems Inc. provides the GASP product suites, an inventory tool for PC asset and software management. GASP is designed for use as legal evidence of software compliance status.
Audimation Services Inc.
Audimation Services Inc. (ASI), an authorized IDEA provider, also provides other software for audit and financial personnel, consulting, and training.
Audit Automation Facilities
This Lotus Notes-based audit software company is based in Brazil.
Audit Leverage
Audit Leverage provides automated workpapers, timekeeping, staffing and scheduling, annual audit planning, database of audit findings, automated follow-up, customized reports and graphs, and auditor evaluations.
auditMASTERPLAN is a risk assessment, planning, and work tracking system for internal auditors.
AuditWare Systems Ltd.
AuditWare provides software solutions in auditing, data mining, data analysis, and prediction applications such as Data Import, Examiner, UNIX Security Auditor, WizRule, WizWhy, X Drill, and Caseware IDEA.
AuditWizard, from Layton Technology, is asset management software that gathers information on a company's PC and server infrastructure to provide ongoing audit and asset management.
AutoTester Inc.
AutoTester's products and services enable organizations to quickly implement test automation and deliver mission critical systems to the marketplace.
Blue Lance Inc.
Blue Lance provides real-time monitoring, auditing, and computer forensics technology for Windows and Novell networks.
Boardwalktech's tabular database adds multi-user consolidation, secure access control, version control, and auditability to any collaborative spreadsheet-based process, reducing costs and compliance risk.
Business Objects
Business Objects' Crystal Reports software package enables companies to design reports, conduct enterprise reporting, and integrate reports into Windows programs and Web applications. BusinessObjects products provide business intelligence capabilities.
CaseWare IDEA Inc.
CaseWare IDEA Inc. is the developer and global distributor of IDEA software, which displays, analyzes, manipulates, samples, or extracts data from files.
CCH TeamMate
CCH TeamMate audit management system enables remote usage, bundled scanning software, and report generation capabilities.
Centennial Discovery audit product allows companies to audit and track changes to IT assets. Centennial LANProbe allows IT managers to track the physical location of networked assets from their desk.
Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection
Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System (IDS) provides large-scale, real-time network security visibility by answering who, what, where, when, and how about the security activity on a network.
ClusterSeven software allows organizations to audit data and activities in business-critical spreadsheets, reducing corporate risk and addressing regulatory concerns.
Complyant audit and control management software features a controls database, documentation and testing management features, extensive reporting capabilities, and a simplified end-user interface.
ComplyXL provides version recording and management for compliance control of Excel workbooks by enabling organizations to determine changes in cell data, cell formats, macros, and other workbook attributes.
Comprose Inc.
Comprose Inc.'s technical writing products and consulting services include Documentation Blueprint software to plan, develop, and maintain "mission-critical" documentation.
Computer Experts (International) Ltd.
Computer Experts (International) Ltd. provides products and services including LAN Audit Pro, an audit application, to help manage networks.
Cost Xpert Group
The Cost Xpert Group provides cost estimating software, training, and consulting. Products and services focus on software development and other project management.
Datactics' ForensicsTrawler product provides data-matching technology to access and identify errors and anomalies.
Decision Technology
Decision Analyzer allows end-users to have one front-end for ad-hoc access to all mainframe, midrange, and LAN data.
Delphi Development Group
Delphi's Corporate Access Management Systems security planning and audit tool allows organizations to plan user rights for each IT system and application and to address internal security breaches.
Ecora Corp.
Ecora's suites of configuration management, reporting, auditing, and change management software address disaster recovery, security monitoring, staff knowledge retention, and network and server consolidations.
Embarcadero DSAuditor
Embarcadero DSAuditor is a network-based, cross-platform data audit solution that helps secure critical data, ensure data privacy, and enable regulatory compliance by monitoring database access and activity.
Eurekify develops Sage role-management and privilege-mapping software. Sage Discovery & Audit allows auditors to track changes and identify role-based exceptions and deviations in IT privileges.
Expert Choice Inc.
Expert Choice for Windows is a multicriteria decision-support tool using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) decision-making methodology.
Express Metrix
Express Metrix software helps organizations manage software licenses, meters usage, collects data on installed hardware and software assets, and measures how much software assets are being used.
Finjan Software
Finjan Software is a provider of multilayer security solutions to protect enterprise and stand-alone computer resources from attacks generated by downloadables such as Java applets.
Flawfinder is open source, free software that can scan source code and identify potential security flaws, ranking them by severity.
Focus Technology Group (FTG)
FTG's security, audit, data mining, and fraud-detection software includes BancAudit menu and PATROL400, which automates IBM AS/400 security audits.
Galileo Audit Management & Workpapers
Web-enabled integrated modules tailored for internal audit use address audit plans, timesheets, electronic working papers, reporting, scheduling, and issues tracking.
Global Network Inventory
Global Network Inventory is a software and hardware inventory system that can be used as an audit scanner in agent-free and zero deployment environments.
GRafP Technologies Inc.
GrafP Technologies' S:Primer Plus for conducting surveys, audits, assessments, and risk analysis identifies threats, analyzes and manages risks, and presents results in a reliable and consistent format.
I/PRO audit products allow Web sites and advertising networks to deliver audited reports to their advertisers and potential advertisers.
iAppraise Audit Management Software
iComply's iAppraise audit management software enables users to plan, schedule, and perform audits and inspections for any purpose, as well as carry out issue-tracking, reporting, and post-audit analyses.
RACF protects vital system resources and controls what users can do on the operating system. Organizations decide which resources they want to protect and which users need access to them.
iInventory Ltd.
iInventory maintains accurate hardware inventory, monitors software license compliance, runs pre-rollout OS/hardware/software analysis and provides system data to an IT help desk.
IMTI Systems
IMTI Systems designs, programs, installs, and maintains loss control system.
Information Builders
Information Builders software and services are used in enterprise reporting and decision support systems, data warehouses, cross-platform application development, and integrated application solutions.
Integrity Software Inc.
The SofTrack software metering application manages software application usage on network servers and local workstations, addressing license compliance, audit requirements, and shared licenses.
Keynote NetMechanic
NetMechanic provides an integrated suite of tools to detect and repair Web site problems and ensure adherence to standards.
Kilclare Software
Visual Assurance is a tool to capture, embed, assess, report, enhance, and monitor internal control and risk management systems.
Linton Shafer Computer Services Inc.
Linton Shafer provides cross-industry audit sampling and CPE tracking for PCs, and accounting and financial software for the IBM AS/400.
Merit Solutions
Merit Solutions provides software and services for mid-size companies to assist them with a wide range of business solutions, including applications for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
Methodware provides software and solutions for risk management, internal auditing, business improvement, IT management and control, and quality management.
Micrografx Inc.
iGrafx FlowCharter 2000 Professional creates flowcharts and diagrams with built-in intelligence for problem-solving and decision-making.
The Nessus Project provides free, powerful, and up-to-date remote security scanner software to audit a network and determine vulnerabilities.
Nmap Network Mapper is a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing.
Paisley's comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance solutions include a purpose-built, paperless audit management system that enables risk assessment, planning, scheduling, work papers, reporting, issue tracking, and administration.
Paper Tiger
The Paper Tiger works to overcome paper overload with indexing system software featuring paper management methods, multimedia tutorial, pre-printed labels, and user's guide.
ParaTek's Estate Guardian software continually records all useful computer events for an organization, allowing full and accurate auditing by directing information to a repository for analysis.
PCI Services Inc.
CRA Wiz family of Windows-based software for compliance professionals in the CRA and Fair Lending fields includes the Database Analyzer, the Geocoder, and the Mapper.
The Pentana Audit Risk module provides a structured approach to strategic audit prioritization and planning. Pentana also provides workpaper software and support.
Pervasive Software performs complete data acquisition, manipulation, conversion, and delivery, from mainframe legacy data to UNIX to desktop applications.
Pleier Corp.
Pleier Corp.'s ADM Plus features long-range planning, risk management, project management, visual scheduling, and tracking of recommendations and findings.
PointSecure Inc. provides security and audit software for OpenVMS (VAX VMS) systems, including System Detective AO security and compliance tool and Chalk Talk, to help users execute applications.
Dr. Wietse Venema provides free information and tools including The Coroner's Toolkit for post-mortem analysis of a UNIX system after break-in, SATAN, TCP Wrapper, and other topics.
Prodiance Corp.
Prodiance delivers enterprise spreadsheet management solutions to help organizations improve compliance with corporate, regulatory, and legal mandates.
Qualys Inc.
QualysGuard, an on-demand security audit and vulnerability management service, employs vulnerability-detection techniques to assess a network's security exposures and suggest remedies.
Realtime Software Corp.
This production, inventory control, and financial management system for manufacturing companies includes modules that can help auditors uncover fraud throughout the manufacturing process.
Reuters Risk Management
Reuters delivers risk management solutions and services that enable users to identify, measure, and manage financial risk in global trading operations and investments.
Risk Advisor and Operational Risk Builder
Risk Advisor V3 software and Operational Risk Builder focus on enabling compliance with the Australian/New Zealand Risk Management Standard (AS/NZS 4360:1999).
Risk Alert
Risk Alert: The Business Condition Analyst is a tool designed to support evaluation of the business condition of an enterprise, including the validity of the going concern assumption.
Sassafras Software Inc.
Sassafras Software is the developer of KeyServer, a license metering system for software management on thin client, Windows, and Macintosh computers.
Snort is an open source network intrusion-detection system for real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks.
SolarWinds develops and markets network management, monitoring, and discovery tools.
SomarSoft Inc.
SomarSoft makes DumpSec, a utility that makes it easy to spot holes in system security.
SourceSentry provides solutions that help organizations manage regulatory compliance, including OneComply, an integrated platform for the orchestration of compliance activities across business units or departments.
Strohl Systems
Strol provides business continuity software and services, including LDRPS disaster recovery planning system and BIA Professional business impact analysis software.
Sybase Inc.
InfoMaker's client/server architecture and easy-to-use interface help users generate informative, decision-ready reports.
System Integrators Inc.
System Integrators is the developer of a license brokering server and client software. License Broker combines a common software-metering tool with a current/future intranet server component.
Technologic Software Concepts Inc.
Technologic Software provides software solutions to streamline multiplatform security, CICS migration, CICS and TSO application management, tape storage and systems management.
Trackbird PC Network Management and IT Asset Management
Trackbird is a suite of tools that can manage computing resources throughout an enterprise.
Tripwire offers IT change audit solutions and helps enterprises ensure regulatory compliance, network security, and system availability. The Web site features educational webcasts and white papers.
Visual Click Software
Visual Click Software's DSRAZOR gathers data in an automated fashion and creates custom reports that can be exported to a flat file (CSV format) for audit processing. Premium Auditing Solutions
VTAudit specializes in audits and inspections. Its proprietary data collection and status engine developed for the insurance industry improves a company's time service and accuracy, while reducing the cost of assessing risk.
Windmill Software
This developer specializes in data acquisition and control software for Windows, including Streamer, a high speed data acquisition application; and Windmill, data acquisition and control software.
WizSoft Inc.
WizRule by Wizsoft is a data auditing and cleansing application that reveals all the rules in a given data and identifies suspected errors, displays contents, and reports and explains deviations.