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Vol. 10, August 10, 2007
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IT and Audit News

Lower-cost domestic IT sourcing in the public sector; U.S. cybercrime estimated to be at least $117 billion per year; employees pose biggest security risk; what demotivates your staff



Lower-Cost Domestic IT Sourcing in the Public Sector
"We are all competing in a global market — the fight for customers, capital, jobs and resources is now on a global scale," says a new study by the Information Technology Association of America.

Report: E-gov Pressures Security
The growth of interagency data sharing and public-facing services is placing demands on IT security officials, according to a report from Symantec.

FBI Installs Spyware
The Federal Bureau of Investigation used a Trojan horse to identify the computer of a Washington High School student who later pled guilty to charges stemming from a rash of bomb threats.



U.S. Cybercrime Estimated to Be at Least $117 Billion Per Year
"Whatever is reported by organizations, most of that will likely be underreported because of disincentives to report losses," David A. Powner, Government Accountability Office director of IT management issues, told TechNewsWorld.

iPhone Is Coming to Your Network
Apple's multimedia, Internet-enabled phone has received criticism regarding security resulting from attempts to unlock the iPhone and a well-publicized exploit by Independent Security Evaluators.,1895,2162910,00.asp

Firefox Hit With Another URL-Handling Bug
The Mozilla Foundation is dealing with another URL-handling issue. Researchers have posted a proof of concept showing how the flaw can be used for remote command execution on computers running Firefox browser.,1895,2163016,00.asp

Firm Finds New Problem in Dangling Pointers
Two researchers discovered a way to exploit the dangling point issue and have found a method of exploiting a broad class of dangling pointers.

P-to-P Application Causes Police Security Disaster in Japan
A policeman in Japan was fired after a P2P application, Winny, on his PC caused highly confidential information to reach the Internet.



Employees Pose Biggest Security Risk
Information Week research shows that the number one tactical security priority for U.S. companies is the end user.

Web-based Development Platform Goes Open Source
An Australian software company has released what it claims is the first browser-based Web 2.0 development platform as an open source project.

Running Windows on Macs Turns Into Race
VMware gave Parallels some competition by releasing the first version of its software that lets Windows applications run on Apple's Macs.;_ylt=AuieL3gDqe.FNuQSiG51k5_w7rEF



What Demotivates Your Staff
Many common organizational systems, policies, and management actions actually demotivate people.

NXP Continues Research Efforts for Wireless USB chips
Cables connecting USB devices to PCs may soon disappear because of Wireless USB, a short-range wireless communications technology developed by USB Implementers Forum Inc.

The Internet and the Law
Technological innovation and its accompanying legal challenges should provide enough to keep Congress, the executive branch, attorneys, and judges busy until at least the next generation.

Recharging IT Can Make Your Business Soar
According to research, nine out of 10 companies that successfully renewed themselves were able to find the solution in hidden assets — assets that were undervalued, underutilized, or unrecognized.,1540,2158427,00.asp

Financial Executives International Chief Law says that Sarbanes-Oxley Brought Positive Benefits
The controversial U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has brought "many positive benefits" according to a senior figure in the U.S. financial world.


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