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March 31, 2011
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The Research Fouundation Report - Spring 2011

The IIARF CBOK Study: the Talk at The IIA’s General Audit Management Conference
Record-breaking attendance at The IIA’s General Audit Management Conference in Las Vegas wasn’t the only talk. The release of The IIA's 2010 Global Internal Audit Survey Reports, a component of the CBOK Study, which culminated with the debut of the printed reports and two special breakout sessions was also a hot topic of discussion. One of the sessions was simultaneously broadcasted online to over 4,000 IIA members on the 10 Imperatives for Change, which covered key Insights from the global study. Read more.


10 Imperatives for Change – How to Take Action
Imperatives for Change: The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Survey in Action, is the fifth in a series of five reports of The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Survey: A Component of the CBOK Study. The report, targeted primarily at chief audit executives (CAEs), offers tangible tips — based on current perspectives regarding the internal auditing profession captured by the survey — delivered through 10 specific imperatives for change. Read more.

The US Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Internal Auditing — Top 5 Things You Should be Doing Today to Meet Their Demands
The accelerated pace and increasing complexity of the global business community is placing evolving demands on internal auditing. The key to meeting these demands is to first fully understand them. For this, internal auditing must turn to its stakeholders. To help chief audit executives (CAEs) get their arms around this topic the Stakeholders’ Expectations and Perceptions Survey was developed as a component of The IIA’s 2010 Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) study.  Read more.


Brick-by-Brick: How the CBOK Study Is Supported
As visitors approach IIA Headquarters, they may be struck by the circular architecture of the building’s entrance, the vibrant sun overhead, or the tropical vegetation lining the parking lot. But to those whose natural inclination is to look in places where others do not — a trait typically processed by an internal auditor — what might capture their attention is what they find at their feet. Welcoming all who visit IIA Headquarters is a path of embossed bricks, bricks that have paved the way for unprecedented research for the internal audit profession and funding of The IIA global headquarters. Read more.

CBOK Database: A Rich Source of Exclusive Global Data
The ongoing Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) study encompasses the most comprehensive global survey ever conducted on the practice of internal auditing, and provides unprecedented resources to understand the current state of the profession and help it to evolve. The 13,582 responses, from practitioners in more than 107 countries and 22 languages, gathered for the 2010 study is impressive on its own. However, the potential impact of the study reaches far beyond the boundaries of the most recent reports released, thanks to the CBOK database that was used to organize survey results. Read more. 

Internal Auditing’s 3 Rs: Reaping the Rewards of Research – IIARF and Oracle
The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) serves as a knowledge powerhouse for the most concentrated and accessible research about the profession available. Having data-rich tools like survey programs to access practitioners around the world, independent studies focused on the profession and self-reflective research found only in the global Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) Study at their fingertips is the reason internal audit practitioners and forward-thinking global organizations alike turn to The IIARF time-and-time again.  It is why Oracle, a Fortune 100 global leader in integrated business software and hardware systems, looked to The IIARF to sponsor the recently released white paper, Internal Auditing’s Role in Risk Management. Read more.

IIARF President’s Perspective at GAM
I personally admired William G. Bishop III, not only as a great leader, role model and mentor, but also for his tenacity and dedication to the Internal Audit Profession. Through Bill's steady, persistent, devotion, I discovered exactly what it meant to be "Proud to be an Internal Auditor."  The 2010 Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) study is funded through the William G. Bishop III, CIA Memorial Fund established by The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) to honor the vision and passion of The IIA's past president. This context allows me to describe the 2010 CBOK study as a crown jewel of the professional practice of internal auditing. Read more. 



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