Internal Audit Licensing: Be Careful What You Wish For

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

Numerous vocal internal audit leaders from around the world are promoting the idea of licensing practitioners as a way to enhance the profession’s stature and proficiency. They profess a licensing requirement would give internal auditors greater credibility and even influence. In fact, a few IIA institutes have even taken up the cause within their respective countries. I say, be careful what you wish for.

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Good Internal Audit Leaders Encourage Others to Lead

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

As someone who has been a part of the internal audit profession for almost four decades, I have had the privilege of working with many outstanding leaders in our field. I’ve learned that the best are those who inspire others to lead. In this sense, I would say that a good leader is also a good follower.

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Repairing a Broken Relationship in Your Internal Audit Department

Posted on Jan 13, 2014

Throughout my career, there have been times when I joined a new internal audit function and it quickly became apparent that the chief audit executive (CAE) operated in a very different way than what I was accustomed to. In some cases, the CAE had a different style or preference for communicating with clients. In other cases, the CAE was a stickler on technical issues such as how findings should be communicated, how working papers should be assembled, or which words to ban from audit reports. In most instances, I was simply able to adapt to the CAE’s preferred style or philosophy. After all, the CAE was the boss, and I was obliged to take direction from him or her. (Still, I tried to work subtly to influence his way of thinking or preference on technical issues — never pushing too hard, lest I undermine the relationship and progress I was making.

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Five New Year's Resolutions Every Internal Auditor Should Make for 2014

Posted on Jan 6, 2014

The New Year affords a great opportunity to re-assess your life and identify a few resolutions that can help you break bad habits or enhance your quality of life. Over the years, one of the practices I have followed in writing my blog is to open the year by sharing five New Year’s resolutions that every internal auditor should make. As I noted last year, these are not the typical resolutions about losing weight or exercising more — although some of us could certainly benefit from such resolutions as well. 

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