The Most Interesting Auditor in the World

Posted on Apr 26, 2012

He is…The Most Interesting Auditor in the World
“I don’t always conduct audits, but when I do, I follow the IIA Standards.  Stay inquisitive my friends.”
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Moneyball Part Finis - A Recap

Posted on Apr 25, 2012

One morning, a few Sundays ago, I was sitting on my back porch after finishing Michael Lewis’s Moneyball and I began wondering if there wasn’t something in that book that might be important to the profession of Internal Audit. I became convinced there was an argument to be made that, just as Billy Beane found new measures of success to identify talented ballplayers, so might Internal Audit look at the ways it measures success of the department and the staff to obtain better results. So I started typing away at my computer with the thought that I’d put together a quick post on the subject. 

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Moneyball Part Penultimate - Measure Me This

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

Okay, this has all been beautiful. We’ve talked about redefining the success of audit. We’ve talked about changing the way we hire. We’ve talked about what we should be looking for in the audit staff. We’ve talked about the traits we should be exhibiting as auditors. I guess we’ve got it all covered now and we can go forth and prosper.
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Moneyball Part - Shoot, I've Lost Count Myself: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Posted on Apr 16, 2012

I’ve got to be honest with you. I’ve tried starting this section of our discussion a number of times. And I threw each of them away because I keep having a problem. It is not that I don’t have thoughts about creativity - the need for creativity, the importance of creativity - no, believe me, I have plenty to say on this topic. No, I think my problem comes to one question that haunts me.
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A Little Help Please

Posted on Apr 10, 2012

We interrupt our free-flowing discussions about audit skills because I’m looking for help regarding some concepts I stumbled across that may connect to improving the way we communicate.  Which, when you stop and think about it, isn’t that big a leap from our discussion about innovation and creativity; at the root of both of these is the way we use connections to learn more. But I won’t belabor that correlation too much because my point is not to actually connect this to the Moneyball discussion we’ve been having; it is, as I said, to get a little help out there. 

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Moneyball Part 3: Why? Why? Why? Why? Ad Infinitum

Posted on Apr 5, 2012

Sheesh. These recaps are starting to take as long as the entire post. Suffice to say that, so far, we have talked about how the movie/book Moneyball might speak to the profession about the way it determines an internal auditor is “successful”; we talked about hiring the right people, not just the right people for the job; and we talked about how we may be focusing on the wrong traits and skills, and should be focusing on creativity and inquisitiveness instead.  Let's dig into those two a little more.

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What I Don't Need in a Good Internal Audit Candidate (Moneyball Part 2)

Posted on Apr 2, 2012

I don’t know how your Human Resource group provides “support” in your never ending quest to find quality people in that virtual e-blizzard of resumes, but one of the more recent (10 years?) approaches I consistently see being applied is “behavior-based interviewing”. The theory is that you identify the four or five skills/traits/behaviors that you believe no auditor can exist without, then build your interview around them.
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