Another Day, Another Auditing Carol

Fill your cup with gingerbread lattes, make up a batch of your favorite holiday cookies, and join us in the glow of the computer screen as we sing another auditing carol. (Is it me, or are these getting darker?)

A Very Scary Audit
It’s a very scary audit,
It’s the worst one of the year.
I don’t know how far it goes
But this ends your career.
It’s a very scary audit
And when you walk down the halls
Say goodbye to passers by
‘Cause this is your big fall.
Oh, ho,
The findings show
You’re hung out to dry.
No future waits for you.
Kiss your job goodbye.
It’s a very scary audit
And in case you didn’t hear,
You’ve been buried
In a very scary audit this year
Another auditing carol tomorrow – this time in praise of the auditee. And look for a special treat at the end of the week.

Posted on Dec 21, 2011 by Mike Jacka

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