Did You Say What I Thought I Heard: The Fourth Part of the Trilogy

On three different occasions (“Did You Say What I Thought I Heard?”, “Did You Say What I Thought I Heard…Again?”, and “Did You Say What I Thought I Heard – Third Time’s the Charm") I’ve presented comments, statements, and actual quotes I’ve heard during meetings.

Well, I keep going to meetings, and people keep saying strange things. So, I present to you installment number four of actual “things” people said during meetings over the last few months.
“That’s a bigger dead horse in the middle of the road.”
“One thing that is not related to the topic, but related to the conversation.” (In this case, the person knew exactly what they were saying, but it was incredibly profound.)
“We will continue with our strategy, but we will be rebadging it slightly.” (Rebadges? We don’t need no steenking rebadges.)
“We’ll just encompass that verbiage”
“They need to deviate themselves.” (I believe he meant differentiate themselves.)
“We need to watch the business quickly.” (Lest it get away from us?)
“We must cascade some guidance.”
“I think we’re kind of where we think we are.” (Almost Zen-like.)
“What you’re saying is close to accurate.” (How to keep from telling someone they are wrong.)
 “It gives us a little more definement.”
And, in an incredibly profound statement, “I’d really be remiss if I said I knew something.”
Have I mentioned I am not making any of this up? What’s the latest strange thing you’ve heard?

Posted on Jun 30, 2011 by Mike Jacka

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    It should be stressed how clever is CAE, ?FO, CRO (means it is difficult to find some one more stupid – one version; this person is personal enemy and will be dismissed ASAP – the other version; CRO should fire CAE and CFO after what he will be fired himself – the last version)

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