Gaping Void: A Website You Should Visit

Today we will be doing something a little different on “Humor Wednesdays”. (Okay, I promise I will never use that phrase again.  Wait, have I promised that before?  Anyway...) Rather than come up with a bit of hilarity, I want to direct you to This website contains the bizarre mental meanderings of Hugh MacLeod. For me, the real jewel in this website is the opportunity to sign up and get Hugh’s Daily Cartoon. And, while I would like to provide examples, I will refrain in recognition of copyright laws. (That, and the fact that I’m not even sure how to embed images in this blog. But, really, it’s the copyright thing.) Instead, visit the site and see what goes on. Some are humorous, some resonate with business people, and most (just in case you think I forgot about the purpose of this blog) resonate with auditors. As one small example, the title of his latest book is Everyone Needs an Evil Plan. I have a copy of the cover hanging from my office door.

And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have gotten absolutely nothing free from Hugh, from the website, or from anyone anywhere for that matter. (I wonder what I’m doing wrong.)

Posted on Mar 9, 2011 by Mike Jacka

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