Two Ideas for the Price of One

Follow this link to see an utterly fascinating video. It is fascinating on two levels. The first level is the subject matter: “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates us”. Here’s the nutshell version. (But only if you promise you will go ahead and watch the video. Promise? Cross your heart and tick and tie? On your honor as an Internal Audit?   You know you better watch it now, don’t you?)

What motivates us is not money or someone beating us about the head and shoulders or carrots and sticks or all the things that society has made us believe leads to motivation. No, what motivates us is challenge, mastery, and making a contribution.
Now, as I think about it, I may have already provided a link to a similar presentation through TED. (I’ve given you the link to that web site, also. TED is always worth a visit, so take this opportunity to go back and just look at the kinds of things they have. If you aren’t amazed by at least one of the presentations, then you should just turn in your license to own one (1) brain.) But this YouTube presentation on motivation is different…oh so different…than the one I recall from TED.
(Have you visited the link yet? Well, what are you waiting for?!!)
The video is not of a person giving a speech, but rather someone drawing the concepts as the speech is made. (And if you haven’t visited the link yet, you won’t understand how amazing that drawing is. Have I mentioned you should go visit the link?)
What struck me was the way an innovative technique of presentation is used for a talk that speaks to how innovation can be improved. (Motivation = innovation.)
And thus comes the second level of fascination.
In two weeks I’m giving one of my favorite presentations: Creative Auditing. I enjoy it because I love watching people get that bug to be “creative”. And I’m always fascinated by the way people (and that includes auditors, no matter what some people say) seem to live in awe of any hint of creativity. They act like there is some magic “meka leka hi, meka hiney ho” incantation that brings creativity. They act like there is some second star to the right that beams creative secrets to the chosen few. They act like creativity is some society whose secrets can only be discovered if they knew where in Schenectady to mail their dues. And they think they are locked out of each of these opportunities.
But the opportunities for creativity are all around us.
Let’s take, for example, this video. I’ve written, my fellow bloggers have written, you’ve probably written, everyone has definitely complained about, the struggles internal auditors go through in trying to convey the results of their work. The usual solution? Write a better report. Yet here, in this little presentation, may be a solution.
What if, for your next presentation regarding audit results, you (or someone with just a little more talent) were to stand in front of a white board and draw those results? I don’t know what it would look like, either. But it would be different. And people would pay attention. And, if you did it right, you might even get another customer on your side – a raving fan.
Two levels from one YouTube video – learning what motivates us, and opening our eyes to a presentation method we hadn’t dreamed of.
Imagine what we will know tomorrow.

Posted on Sep 12, 2011 by Mike Jacka

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