Where Were You? - A Quick Note About and Final Report from the IIA All Star Conference


No one really has time on a Friday. We are all striving for one thing – get through the day and get to the weekend. Accordingly, I’m now devoting Fridays to quick hits – 200 words or less.

I’m serious…where were you this week? Why weren’t you at the IIA All Star Conference? Where were you this year? Why weren’t you at one of the other conferences the IIA puts on?

I get the chance to go to a lot of these conferences, and this one had some of the most positive vibe of any I’ve attended — good sessions, good speakers, good information, good feedback…a good time. 

And you missed it.

You want to be a leader? You want to make a difference? You want to move ahead? Attend a conference. It is the best possible way to learn while meeting your peers.

Next year there is a nice slate of conferences — including regional and international. Make your plans now. Go out and get that knowledge. Find a way to join in. You will not regret it.


Posted on Oct 12, 2012 by Mike Jacka

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