The Top Ten Ways to Tell You Are In a Bad Audit Department

We've all worked in good audit departments; we've all worked in bad audit departments. The only problem is that it sometimes takes us a while to separate the good from the bad. What we need is a list of the danger signals to help us recognize those bad audit departments as soon as possible. Toward that end, I provide you:

The Top Ten Ways to Tell You Are In a Bad Audit Department
10) On your first day you are issued a bayonet.
9) The Red Book they use was written by Mao.
8) Auditors wander around saying "Charter?! We don't need no steenking charter!"
7) Their version of electronic workpapers is a 12-column spreadsheet attached to an extension cord.
6) They complete risk assessments with Dungeons & Dragons dice.
5) The door to the department locks from the outside.
4) The CAE reports to the CFO's secretary.
3) They think GRC is a kind of vitamin supplement.
2) There's a bat in the back corner labeled "Follow-up".
And the number one way to tell you are in a bad audit department:
1)  All reports begin "If it pleases the court..."
So, how do you know you're in a bad audit department?

Posted on Feb 6, 2013 by Mike Jacka

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  1. When you loose two Directors in the same number of years and the audit manager is openly looking for a new job while the Sr Auditor is counting the days to retirement.

  1. The Director wears orange jumpsuits . . .

  1. When within your first month the Director resigns, the next month one manager and two senior auditors resign, then you get terminated for "not meeting expectations" even though no prior employer (and your current employer after you were terminated) has ever had an issue with you meeting expectations, and the employees that still work there are always looking for a job opening at another institution.... Yup, sounds like a bad audit department to me...

  1. When the audit director resigns and dosen't qualify for a senior adutior position and accepts an auditor position in the same audit office he was in charge before, that's a real bad sign!!

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