A Quick Note About Record Stores


In the late 80's, record stores were in a battle with music companies – a battle over packaging and presentation. Compact discs were becoming more popular than records. Since they were much smaller than records, the cds were encased in longboxes – cardboard containers about twice as long as the cds – to accommodate the existing record bins.
Music companies didn't want to pay the extra cost from wasted cardboard and were pushing to change the packaging model. Record stores argued that it would be too expensive to convert all the record bins. It was a substantial brouhaha in its time.
Today, this battle seems quite quaint.
Try and find a record story anywhere.
Cds are becoming passé because of digital sales.
And music companies still haven't figured out if they are coming or going as they try to adjust their business models to the new world order.
What small battle of change is your organization fighting while it ignores the larger change occurring around it – the one that will eliminate the need for the battle and for the organization?
There's a question for your next audit.

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 by Mike Jacka

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