A Quick Note About the Continued Evidence of Creativity in Internal Audit


I just had the chance to speak to a group of internal auditors on the subject of creativity and it was a breath of fresh air, a deep drink from a sparkling stream, a joy-filled promenade on a brilliant spring day – a reminder that internal auditors can be more than ciphers, drudges, and manic rule-followers of the umpteenth kind.
This week I gave a presentation to the Houston Chapter. I have worked with the chapter before and it has always been a pleasant experience. This time was no exception. And, as may be construed from the previous paragraph, one of the two topics I spoke on was creativity.
Subsequent to the presentation, I have had quite a few of the 150+ people in attendance contact me. In all instances, the message I received was that creativity is an important aspect of how internal auditors will succeed.
You will have to excuse my effusiveness. But my experience and travels have introduced me to far too many internal auditors who see creativity as a mere trifle, a meaningless lark, a senseless diversion, and a waste of time.
I know I've shared this before, but one of the most clueless critiques I have ever received regarding a creativity presentation was "“Is ‘creative auditing’ more important than ‘thorough, timely, and comprehensive’ auditing? Typical of the loss of focus on auditing priorities.” It is those people who make me weep for the profession.
It was wonderful to see the reception of the topic in Houston. And it is similarly wonderful to hear from others that there is a recognition that creativity is a key to maintaining the profession's relevance in the future.
And that reminds me of another point I want to make about creativity. But we'll save that one for next week.

Posted on Jun 6, 2014 by Mike Jacka

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  1. En verdad leer este artículo me llena de satisfacción, lo que confirma que no estoy solo en un mundo de fantasía...cual ilusionista y soñador de lo imposible. Siempre he puesto en práctica el concepto de la creatividad en auditoria interna, tomando en cuenta que no siempre 2+2=4, como puede ser 1, también 5. Y salir de los viejos paradígmas del centro nos permitirían ver los aspectos más relevantes que nos conducirían al éxito en nuestro trabajo. A veces los grandes hallazgos están en los márgenes, no en el centro, y la creatividad nos ayuda a expandir nuestros procesos mentales y nos permiten ir más allá de los que alcanzan los ojos...

    Excelente reflexión.

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