Achieving Auditor Excellence

  • Item No. : 6016
  • Publisher : Pleier Corporation
  • Publish Date : 2005
  • Authors : David McNamee, CIA, CSA, CFE, CGFM
  • Media : CD/DVD
  • Dimensions : 5 X 5.5
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All organizations including public companies, governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations have changed significantly in recent years including:
  • Doing more with less
  • Delayering, downsizing, right sizing
  • Mergers of various activities and acquisitions
Audit Departments wishing to achieve excellence and succeed recognize these changes, adapt to them, and evolve the role of the Audit Department.

Over the past two decades David McNamee has been privileged to help a number of Audit Departments improve the capabilities of their internal audit department as they work toward the goal of “Achieving Auditor Excellence”. In this electronic publication David shares some of his leading edge thinking about what significant issues and considerations successful audit organizations at every level must address and confront in order to achieve auditor excellence including:
Auditor Skills Required to Succeed
  • First Class Consulting Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
Reassessing the New Economy Environment and Auditor Roles
  • The Nature of Change
  • See Clearly
  • Building Risk-based Audit Plans
  • Using Collaborative Risk assessment
  • Recognizing the Relationship of Empowerment and Fraud Potential
  • Reducing Cycle time
Developing and Using Audit Metrics as a Way to Achieve Auditor Excellence
  • Performance Measurement
  • Productivity tools
  • Defining Audit Scope for Excellence
When the entire list above is considered the Audit Department needs an excellent tool to improve group excellence.  A DELPHI exercise that gathers information from experts in a structured fashion is an excellent tool to consider evaluating progress in Achieving Auditor Excellence.  This electronic publication provides an actual DELPHI exercise used by a group of internal auditors from various separate audit department to improve their audit departments. 
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